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Q1:: Will Ezekiel Elliott have a second year as good as the first? (Mason in Mima FL)

All the elements are there for Elliott to have some repeat success, but does history agree? When breaking down running backs with over 300 carries having repeat success, there is some inherent concern but the offensive line in Dallas is just so damn good that it’s hard to imagine a huge falloff. Dak will improve and the workload may lighten enough to see a bit of a drop, but right now I would say that Elliott should rush to a pace of around 1,500 yards and 12 touchdowns making Ezekiel a front runner for the best back in fantasy for 2017.

Q2:: Can the Patriots repeat in 2017? (Natyna in Westerly RI)

I would say that New England’s chances of repeating this season are probably higher than San Francisco’s were in 1989. Their path through the AFC will only become marginally more difficult, but the Patriots have been busy this off-season improving upon their Super bowl winning roster. New England is on the path to continue raising the bar and setting the new standard that future NFL franchises will be judged by.

Q3:: Can you give me an early dynasty sleeper this year? (kiernen N/A)

I can’t give you anyone from this upcoming draft as we have no idea what team they’ll land on but I can give you the name of a player that may be on your waiver wire. Rex Burkhead could become the main back for the Patriots and instantly move into the top 20 backs in fantasy with a potential to put him near the top 10 considering the type of player he is and the offense that New England runs. It is the Pats so you never know just how the chess pieces get moved about the board but on the outside this feels like the type of move that can have a big impact in fantasy.

Q4:: I have Adrian Peterson and I want to get something out of him before he retires. Is a third round pick too much of an asking price? (Adam in Austin TX)

These kind of questions are difficult to gauge without knowing the size of the league, the rules, line up requirements and draft style. The one thing that I can tell you with confidence is that his value is going to change once he lands on a roster and could change dramatically depending on which team pays for his services. There’s a lot of connections to Tampa right now and if the Bucs were to sign AD his value would probably be greater than that third round pick. However, if it’s a true dynasty you may not get a second without making some kind of swap for late round picks. My question would be – why make the move? Do you need to improve your roster somewhere else or are you just forward thinking with regards to Peterson’s value? If it creates a hole in your roster at running back you shouldn’t even consider it unless someone offers you an insane amount. Even if you have the #1 pick in this draft to spend on a running back it’s difficult to advise trading away a quality back for a draft pick unless it’s a high first rounder and at Adrian’s age that’s probably a tough get.

These are just my quick thoughts on your question. You can message me again with more details and I can get you a more definitive answer.


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