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fantasy and NFL questions from around the globe

Question #1:: Can the Saints win the NFC South? (Willis in Mobile, AL)

In a word Willis – no.

The Saints are already behind the 8 ball considering the loss of Terron Armstead on the offensive line but the question marks on defense will still be the biggest issue. The addition of Adrian Peterson and Alvin Kamara may help Mark Ingram and provide a big boost to the ground game but New Orleans is likely to see a lot of games that have them behind early forcing them to abandon the run. If you’re a fantasy player, keep your eye on Michael Thomas as he may be the biggest beneficiary of a season that probably sees the Saints with a win/loss record just South of the .500 mark.

Question #2:: Is there any chance that Cam Newton will bounce back and be a fantasy star again? (Nina in OH)

That’s a tough one to gauge Nina as it’s all on Cam to learn how to be more selective with his throws and more willing to spread the ball around. If Christian McCaffrey becomes an immediate threat his presence will likely help Cam a great deal and give him a comfort zone to work out of. With the defense that Carolina has there is no question that Newton will get plenty of opportunity to shine but until I see how Cam looks in the preseason I’m not willing to go out on a limb for him…       yet.

Question #3:: Tim, do you have a favorite sleeper at rookie running back this season? (Cold Toast in Sunny Cali)

I do, but I’m not sure how much of a sleeper you can consider him at this point. Joe Mixon fell into an ideal situation in Cincinnati that will see him getting meaningful reps immediately. The best part about that situation is how productive both Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard have been considering how limited both players really are in different aspects of their games. If you follow our draft information you’ll probably scratch your head on this one as I questioned Joe’s ability quite a bit throughout the process but the situation that a player gets selected to has just as much to do with his success as his God given ability. This is a good spot for the player and a good fit for the team, making Mixon a very likely candidate to have an immediate fantasy impact.

Question #4:: Do you think there is any chance that Teddy Bridgewater plays in 2017? Does he ever come back? (Melinda in MO)

There is some speculation that he will be back in 2017 but if you forced me to make a wager on it, my money would be against his returning this season. However, his prognosis for 2018 looks much better than I feared it would right after we learned the extent of his injury. I would really like to see Teddy back on the field, leading the Vikings to a playoff berth around 2020. I believe Bridgewater is earning it by the work he is putting in now, I believe the fans deserve it and it would make for one of the best comeback stories the league has seen in quite awhile.

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