Interview with Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Lineman Chris Hubbard


This is the first interview that our site has done with a professional player. We are excited to share with you guys my interview with Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Lineman Chris Hubbard.

MATT: Thanks for agreeing to do this, Chris. Let’s get right into it with the first question: How big of a difference is it blocking for Le’Veon Bell in comparison to less patient Running Backs?

CHRIS: I feel that Le’Veon sets up the play to where defenders don’t know where he is.

MATT: That’s a good point! His hesitation when running is better than any RB I’ve ever seen! Next, Let’s talk about the retirement of Ryan Harris. Do you believe that will lead to you becoming the swing tackle and the possibility of increased playing time?

CHRIS: We will have to see how that goes.

MATT: While we are on the subject of Harris, he was a nine year veteran when he retired. How much did you learn from him despite only playing with him for a year?

CHRIS: I learned so much from him off and on the field. Ryan will always be my brother! We created a friendship last year that will be there for a long time. He is a super bowl champion, so he has given me a lot of tips!

MATT: It’s amazing how quickly a bond can be formed knowing someone just a year, whether it’s while you play in the NFL or life in general. Let’s look back to the start of your NFL career. How did you react going undrafted, and how much did it drive you to succeed and stick to whatever team signed you?

CHRIS: I think being undrafted just makes me work harder. I am always trying to find things to get better at, whatever it may be! My family in general is my whole drive. Being from Columbus, Georgia, a lot of people don’t make it out of there. That was my drive.

MATT: There is nothing like people underestimating you to drive you to succeed! What’s your advice for younger players that go undrafted?

CHRIS: I always tell guys being undrafted is not a bad thing, it just means you have to work harder than everybody else. Don’t let the title change your destiny. Go out and get what is yours!

MATT: Fair enough! That is good advice for any college players that might be reading this. What was it like getting the call from Tomlin/Colbert to tell you that you were going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler?

CHRIS: It was an incredible feeling. I was speechless at the time!

MATT: Why did you choose the number #74?

CHRIS: That was the number that I had through college, I felt like the number fit me!

MATT: It’s always nice being able to keep the same number. You’re clearly a very versatile offensive lineman due to the different positions you’re able to play. What do you feel is the biggest key to being versatile among the positions of the O-line?

CHRIS: That’s a tough question! I just think that it just adds value.

MATT: Plus, if you come into a team fighting for a roster spot, having that added versatility will aid you in sticking somewhere. On a different note, belated congratulations are in order for the birth of your son back in September! Creed is obviously a very unique name. How did you end up going with that name?

CHRIS: My wife and I were picking names, and I just wanted my son’s name to be different.

MATT: It’s certainly a great name! I’ve got two final questions for you. My friend’s five year old nephew is a big Steelers fan. First, he wanted me to ask you what your favorite color is. Secondly, What is your favorite memory playing football?

CHRIS: My favorite color is blue, but I’ve always liked red as well. My favorite memory playing football is when our high school team won the state championship with 10 seconds left on the clock. Our quarterback took the ball for a sweep and I made the block to secure the win!

MATT: Well, that brings us to the end of the questions. I wanted to thank you for participating in this! Anything you’d like to add?

CHRIS: I just want to thank you guys for interviewing me. Those questions were really good, and I really enjoyed this!

MATT: We hope you enjoy the rest of your offseason, and we wish you good luck in camp!

CHRIS: Thank you so much! I Appreciate you for this!


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