The Friday Sports Report – 2017 NFL Draft Prospects


Wide Receiver

Zay JonesWe began moving Isaiah “Zay” Jones up our board near the end of the 2016 collegiate season and once the Senior bowl week started it seemed like everyone else was starting to get on board with reports of Zay flashing in practice and ultimately shining in the game itself.

Possessing possibly the best set of natural hands in this draft class, the only questions regarding Jones’ game by most analysts was whether or not he had the prerequisite athleticism needed to compete at the professional level. After Isaiah posted more than adequate numbers at the combine the stigma of coming from the East Carolina offense started to get shook off him. However, still to my knowledge, no one is viewing him as the top wide receiver in this class.

Much like last season where we had Michael Thomas pegged as the #1 receiver in the draft ahead of Corey Coleman, Will Fuller Josh Doctson, Laquon Treadwell and Sterling Shepard, we view Zay Jones as our top prospect in 2017 over Mike Williams, Corey Davis and John Ross.

To give you a bit of perspective on where we rank Jones – right now the score differential from Zay Jones to Corey Davis equates to 16 picks (half round) while the difference between Jones and Mike Williams is relative to 22 picks. In relation to John Ross? Zay Jones scores what equates to 38 picks (over one full round) ahead of Ross.

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