Where Do We Go From Here?

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by TopDawg, Oct 2, 2017.

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    We're 1-24 going back to last season. We're 0-9 this season. How does it get worse?

    Goff was struggle because of the offense that Fisher chose to run... not because he was a bad prospect. Goff didn't get better in the same system, the system got better around a good talent.

    Case Keenum had a 2.8% TD rate and 3.4% INT rate in the same offense... Goff's was 2.4% and 3.4%. This season, Keenum looks like a franchise QB in a new system and Goff is one of the best QB's in the NFL. The weapons around them didn't get appreciably better... the system changed.

    Goff was never as bad as a rookie as Kizer is/has been and Goff was the first overall pick that a team traded a ton of draft capital to get. Kizer was a lottery ticket pick that was either a "lighting-in-a-bottle" option or one-and-done bust.

    We could fire Hue and bring in someone new, but there's no chance Kizer goes from worst-to-first like Goff has done. He just doesn't have it.
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    "Ignoring" or ignoring... what's the deal with the quotes?

    You can hide my posts, but you can't hide from the truth! DeShone is DeGone in 2018!
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    Bringing in Andrew Whitworth was probably the best free agent move of the off-season. John Sullivan isn't far behind. Removing the cancer that was Kenny Britt and bringing in Woods, Watkins and Kupp was huge. McVay is phenomenal but those personnel additions are equally important to Goff's success.

    I think your evaluation of Kizer's play is dead on. He's been awful. But I don't think it's fair to project his career at this point. He should be holding a clipboard and learning right now. That's on Hue and it's on the front office for not retaining players over the last two seasons. I'm not a big Pryor fan but he was much better in Hue's offense than Britt ever was and he actually played hard. Mitchell Schwartz and Travis Benjamin would be really helpful to a rookie QB as well. Those deals were layups with the Browns cap space.

    It will be an interesting offseason. I think they need to blow it up and start over. Hire Peyton Manning and let him figure out who the the next Sean McVay is. Can't see it as much of a challenge. The Browns might have the 1st and 4th pick. Who wouldn't want that opportunity and NFL coaches are alpha males at heart. What guy wouldn't relish the challenge of turning around the Browns? Who wouldn't want to work with a personnel guy like Peyton?
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    I get where you're coming from, but if every 6'4" 230 quarterback with plus mobility and a good arm worked out, we'd be celebrating the careers of Blaine Gabbert, Christian Hackenberg, and E.J. Manuel.

    Hue Jackson was the one working out the quarterbacks. He skipped the pro days of Trubisky and Watson to personally workout Mahomes and Kizer. The analytics point away from Kizer. That is 100% a Hue Jackson move. I think the F/O should have shown more backbone. Kizer shouldn't be holding a clipboard, he never should have been drafted by this team.

    You just cannot take a below average college quarterback who played for a major program and did not have the requisite amount of games played, games started, wins, bowl appearances, etc. and then determine that he's the best option on the team. In a way, I almost get what Hue was doing in trying to accelerate the maturation of his QB, but that's what you do Year 1 of the rebuild when you're actively tanking... not Year 2 when you should be building upon something.

    Those are all fair points.

    It certainly feels like changes are coming. The interview of Mike Singletary for a non-head coach position certainly would seem to check the box on the Rooney Rule for a front office move. Yes, he could certainly be added a defensive assistant, but why? The offense is the area that needs help desperately.
  5. Lyman "Franchise Curmudgeon" Patreon Champion Indians Browns Buckeyes

    What if . . .

    Jimmy and Dee are looking to reward a member of the current coaching staff (think: the only one that has produced) by promoting Greg Williams to Head Coach and back filling the vacant DC position with Mike Singletary ?
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    Where Do We Go From Here?

    I don't believe the Browns, under Hue Jackson and DeShone Kizer, are capable of winning a football game. That said, I don't think that they can break physics/statistics and go 0-16. With that in mind...

    The will Browns win ugly Sunday against Jacksonville.
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    Who is that :confused:
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    Honestly is he going back to 1998 and entering the draft? If not who cares if he doesnt play QB
  11. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    For starters, he's a Hall of Fame quarterback who played 17 seasons in the NFL. He knows talent when he sees it.

    He's a big name and would immediately add legitimacy to a team that is desperate for it.

    He's a respected person among the NFL and would be a great selling point for potential general managers and head coaches - much more than we have today.
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    So is John Elway and he has Osweiler and Siemien running the show for him...it starts at QB
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    Elway won a SB with Manning, and the QB he's invested in now is Paxton Lynch. What makes you think Elway or Manning wouldn't understand that it "starts with quarterback", as you so brilliantly put it?
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    Elway is the general manager for his team... Peyton Manning would not be that here. He would become the Team President and add a hierarchy to the organization that is currently lacks with the Haslams' latest approach.
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    Your bridge QB for the 2018 season: Tyrod Taylor
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    Elway gets a lot of credit for putting together a tremendous defense in Denver. He knows QB's, and he knows what QB's don't like...I don't see why Peyton Manning wouldn't have similar expertise....
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    Exactly he won w a stud in Manning....now he has Lynch, Osweiler and Siemien and you can see how much their struggling
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    Another retread that cant win in the NFL...geez SAS what is the point of bringing in this stiff for a yr? You may as well play Kessler, Hogan or Kiser
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    Don't even go there.
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    The greatest basketball player of all time owns the Hornets....how is that working out....you can have Joe Smoe running the team if you dont find a QB it doesnt matter

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