Where Do We Go From Here?

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by TopDawg, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. SAS Franchise Player Browns

  2. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Hue loves the long ball.
  3. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    With a group of receivers that should be taking 8 to 10 yard chunks, this seems like a bit of a disconnect between coach and roster.

    Why the system wouldn't be more mirrored to a West Coast passing approach has me scratching my head.

    Now I know why there was a grab for Britt and Coates in the off-season. There were other options, but seeing this leads me to believe this is a trait by design.
  4. IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns Buckeyes Fighting Irish

    Ricardo Lewis was brought in for the long ball and honestly, my guy Will Fuller would have been a much better option in the first round than Coleman. But, yes, Hue does like the long ball. It would help the run game if they complete them, which is the reasoning behind it I believe.
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  5. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I agree with some of this, which makes his want to throw more than pass even more perplexing. This was what Al Davis wanted out of every team and every draft. It can work and will eat up chunks of yards if the ground game is effective, but when you are playing behind and you are still trying to force the ball downfield it just helps the opposing defense get you off the field quickly.

    As for Louis, I think he would be better off being used as a quick hitch, slant, screen and relief valve that gets the opportunity to run after the catch. He's got some wiggle and is built to take a beating, but I don't think he will ever develop into a true deep threat.

    With Higgins, Duke Johnson, David Njoku and Devalve as what should be the primary options, lining up big and running the ball with efficiency while completing quick, 7 yard throws would be a solid recipe for going into Houston and stealing a win. Get Johnson and Crow in the backfield together so you can motion Duke into match-ups and create soft spots for the tight ends for short quick darts by Hogan. It would also help create bootleg options on play-action that give Kevin a chance to create some yardage with his feet.
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  6. SAS Franchise Player Browns


    "He's the hero Cleveland deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll bench him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a Top 10 quarterback, a franchise savior. A last hope." - Sashi Brown (probably)
  7. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Majority of Browns fans watching Philly last night.

    Fans: Durr! We should have drafted Carson Wentz!!


    We should have signed Doug Pederson as head coach.
  8. TopDawg M.V.P. Indians Browns Buckeyes

    Exactly. David Njoku and Seth Devalve are two of our best weapons, and they are not utilized nearly enough. Both can create mismatches on LB's or Safeties. The boots and rollouts will simplify things for Hogan as well. If the TE is covered up, tuck it and run. Normally you only survey half the field on those boots, though you can get creative when you get the defense rolling that way...

    Shanahan had a play when he was here that always seemed to work. The QB rolls right with the TE then stops, fakes the throw, then finds the other TE on a seam route on the opposite side, usually wide open. The success rate on that play was like 90%, and always for a big chunk of yards. Of course, it has to be set up properly. If the defense is looking for it, it can be big trouble throwing back across like that...One thing I loved about Shanny's offense was his knack for finding ways to get the defense to blow the coverage and spring a receiver wide open. It's an art form, and I don't think Hue's all vertical route plan is nearly as effective...Hue's attack is only going to work if we run the ball effectively...
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  9. TopDawg M.V.P. Indians Browns Buckeyes

    Isn't he one of the names on the storefront jersey? Yeah, he's #4 on the list, just after Spergeon Wynn but before Kelly Holcomb...smh

    Maybe if he'd have played a little better when he was our guy...
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  10. Dogside18 Home Town Favorite Browns

    I think Mercilus is out as well.

    What's been amazing about the Texans is them producing as they are and they keep losing RBs, WR, and TE. A few weeks ago I believe they only dressed a single TE. Another time they had a guy that was on the street contributing. They just find ways to do it.

    I'm just hoping for this week that the Browns find something to do. I'm actually going to get to watch them this week (living outside of Houston), unfortunately I will have to deal with all the Houston 97ers fans at work if we lose. It's bad enough the Astros crowd is giving it to me.

    On a separate note, I know I have stated the issue with the run game is running out of the shotgun but I saw a stat that Crow actually ran better out of shotgun last year then when the QB was under center. Just food for thought.
  11. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Lotta injuries for Houston.

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  12. TopDawg M.V.P. Indians Browns Buckeyes

  13. TopDawg M.V.P. Indians Browns Buckeyes

    Based on what Hue wants this offense to be, I can actually understand the decision to pass on Watson. He threw a ton of screens and underneath stuff at Clemson, and I had concerns about his arm talent on the deep pass...

    But if there was ever a quarterback that was a perfect fit for the offense we want to run, it's gotta be this guy:
    When I watch him play, I can't help but wonder what the hell our front office was doing? Or thinking? Or looking at? smh

    But hey, that's what ya get when you promote a business attorney to GM, and hire a lifetime baseball executive as his right hand man....I'm sure we'll be fine though. After all, Depodesta did play a little WR in college...:uhuh:

    Have faith Browns fans.....Be patient.
  14. TopDawg M.V.P. Indians Browns Buckeyes

    Where to go from here?

    I was going to say fishing.....idk...Maybe motorcycle riding. Today was an awesome day to ride....

    All I know is, the Browns SUCK...They aren't worth my time.
  15. TopDawg M.V.P. Indians Browns Buckeyes

    So happy the NFL and directv offered me an out...my gawd. thank you thank you thank you!!!

    This SHITPIE that they are serving in Cleveland is just too much for me to take...


    1 pm: Kickoff Browns at Texans!
    1:05 PM: It becomes obvious this is going to be a long day for the Cleveland Browns...
    1:10 PM: Everyone in the house demands I turn the channel to Red Zone...
    (Personally, I hate just watching red zone...Call me old fashioned, but I enjoy a good football game.)
    1:25 PM: Time to go ride bikes with my son and enjoy my Sunday...

    AWESOME DAY!!! Thanks browns...
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  17. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Last week it was Hogan......its musical chairs
  18. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    It's honestly time to ask this question: what did Cody Kessler do behind the scenes to get inactivated?

    Cody K. never looked this bad.

    Cody K. was out-right good in 2016.

    Cody K. does not recklessly turn the football over.

    At what point does he get back into the discussion of starting for this football team?

    The Browns have TWO options to move forward with if they want to actually compete and win football games. One, is Cody Kessler and the other is this guy:


    One of them is going to have to be starting for this football team before the end of 2017.
  19. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Win football games? Kessler is 0-8 as a starter
  20. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    You. Don't. Understand. Football.

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