What is a HOFer?

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by greatwazoo, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Wait till Rose dies, then put him in the HOF. Shoeless Joe got in well after he died.
  2. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    Shoeless Joe is still waiting.
  3. techheart Franchise Player Steelers

    If Pete Rose, hit king, isn't in the HOF then what is the use of having a HOF at all.
  4. ajmtanas Franchise Player Steelers

    Whoever/whatever is keeping Rose out of the HoF is correct.

    Anyone defending him is ludicrous (no disrespect intended)
    Besides character, integrity and ethics come into play in his situation. And he has none.
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  5. techheart Franchise Player Steelers

    Soooooo judgmental. :)

    Pete was one of a kind on the field. Charlie Hustle they called him because he gave it his all on the field always. I loved watching him play. And he is the best darn hitter who ever lived, yet somehow not HOF material. Who needs the HOF anyways. I know what I saw and it was one of a kind, and unforgettable.
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  6. greatwazoo Home Town Favorite Steelers

    I respect your opinion Tech. Pete Rose was by no means the best hitter who ever lived. He probably isn't in the top ten IMHO. Without a doubt Ted Williams was the best and I don't think it's very close.

    I wonder if he was "Charlie Hustle" because he didn't want to lose the money he bet on those games.

    I completely agree watching him play was unforgettable and he has some moments that are iconic in the game. I just can't overlook what he did.
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  7. ajmtanas Franchise Player Steelers

    Dearly beloved,
    For someone that thrives on accusing the NFL for fixing games thru their weekly officiating shenanigans and theatrics I find it to be a head scratcher that you can defend someone that admitted to “fixing” or trying to fix games for the benefit of his gambling.

    For this abomination please be advised that Firehalo has summoned his “Men in Black” to pick u up and escort u to his secret dungeon in Manhattan where you will be given a chocolate chip cookie and glass of milk for breakfast, a hotdog for lunch from one of the contaminated food trucks, and a slice of pizza for dinner until the Steelers win their 7th SB.
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  8. techheart Franchise Player Steelers

    I respect your opinion too, Wazoo. I guess it all depends on how we define "best." Nobody has more hits than him, so that's what defines it for me. I understand it can be defined other ways too, and that's ok. How would you define best hitter?

    Joking here but if so (your explanation of why he might have had such hustle), then maybe baseball should make it legal for players to bet on their own teams. Maybe it would solve the problem of all the loafers on the field today. The more I think about it, it would be like investing in a stock of your own company and betting on yourself (much like an entrepreneur) to create a profit. Entrepreneurs bust their humps!
  9. techheart Franchise Player Steelers

    :DThat bit about firehalo made me laugh:D

    I understand why you might think that, but also consider I still watch the NFL and enjoy it and have said many times there is corruption in everything. I also never "seriously" said the NFL shenanigans rise to the level you may be implying I did above (or joking). Nor do I think did Pete's shenanigans.

    I wish Charlie Hustle hadn't bet on games (he claims that he only bet on his team to win and based on how hard it appeared he was trying to win I woudn't be surprised if that was true or mostly true, but of course it could be untrue as well). Whatever the case may be, knowing about his shenanigans doesn't mean I somehow suddenly dismiss the appreciation of his accomplishments and enjoyment out of watching him play.

    Beloved one, we all partake in shenanigans of some kind or another. We are all imperfect.

    I am not into taking away peoples' greatness or nullifying their achievements because they are deeply flawed human beings. If so, then I would be calling for Satan's Cobra Kai to be stripped of their achievements or to put an asterisk by them. :PC::D

    I used to think that way, but I don't anymore. There are those who will always try to point at the imperfections of teams or players they hate to discredit their accomplishments, including our team and players. No thanks, that's a game I don't play anymore. Everyone ultimately loses when going down that road imo.
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  10. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Fighting Irish Eagles

    schmidt met with selig. selig was going to make an announcement about meeting with rose or is reinstatement. neither happened?
  11. greatwazoo Home Town Favorite Steelers

    "We're optimistic that after the postseason, something will
    happen with regards to Pete Rose,'' said Schmidt, who played with
    Rose when he later joined the Philadelphia Phillies. His remarks
    were reported by The Cincinnati Post and The Cincinnati Enquirer.

    According to Schmidt, Selig said he would not announce any
    decision on Rose's status prior to the postseason.

    I don't believe it says "He was going to make an announcement" in those words. You might infer or assume, but no where in that does it say he definitely will.
  12. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Fighting Irish Eagles

    ^^that's 1 article I found. there is more out there about morgan and Schmidt going to Selig about the meeting with Rose Selig promised. at the time of that post, I couldn't find anything else.

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