Welcome back to the world of Golf Tiger Woods !

Discussion in 'P.G.A.' started by Catfish, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Tiger shocks the golfing and sports world with 2 rds and a temporary spot as the tourney leader on Friday. Then the wheels come off with a bad Saturday rd. He finished strong and had a -8 over many of the tours top players. He looked pain free and had some powerful shots and drives. However, with high winds, many shots and drives were wild and far right and his inability to read the greens speeds killed him on Friday and Saturday. Hey, it's his first tourney back and he looked a lot better than when I saw him last in Saudi Arabia where he couldn't reach most greens from the fairway with an iron and grimaced in pain when he had to pick up every putt. With a shortened schedule of only 10-15 events for 2018, his health will be a looming issue. If he can play like he did this weekend at -8, the tour has a lot to worry about for 2018!
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    It is very good for cow pasture pool sponsors. Ricky has a new girlfriend and they must have done something special on Saturday night. He birdied 8 of his first nine holes on sunday. He could hit the hole from any angle.
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    red - I don't know about cow pasture sponsors as the PGA Tour has some big sponsors. It's good for the tour he's back healthy. Now he needs to put together 4 solid rounds of golf.

    Ricky always had the ability to be great but never has done it. Now could be his time.

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