Week 6: Bears @ Ravens

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by Tenacious Faulk, Oct 11, 2017 at 12:45 PM.

  1. Tenacious Faulk M.V.P. Ravens

    Another home game and another lackluster opponent. Which Ravens team will show up?

    The Bears are a 1-4 team. The one win came against Pittsburgh. In 3 out of 5 games they kept to within one score. Like Baltimore their offense ranks among the worst in the league largely because of a terrible passing attack. Also like Baltimore, they have a strong rushing attack that could match up well vs our lackluster rush defense. Jordan Howard has been a stud so far and it's doubtful that that will end this week. Stopping the run has been a struggle since Brandon Williams' foot injury. WIllie Henry seemed to step up last week vs Marshawn Lynch, but is still far from a 1 for 1 replacement. Perhaps they'll have an answer against the 2nd year running back? However, the best deterent would be to get out to an early 2 score lead like in Oakland forcing them to make rookie QB Mitch Trubisky pass the ball.

    While the Bears offense is nothing special right now, they do have a stalwart defense whose strength has been in their secondary prevent teams frfom averaging more than 205 yards per game. Against their middling rush defense, however, Ravens running backs may find some day light. The bears have given up ab average of 100 yards per game while the Ravens have notched 130 yards per game on average. This will be another battle in the trenches. I don't see Bears runaway here, but think the Ravens could even with a measured approach on offense. Being at home may help.

    Ravens 23 - Bears 16. Flacco with another pedestrian outing 220 and a TD, no picks and a 145 yard 1 TD rushing effort as well. Presumably we will be without Brandon Williams yet again and the Bears lone TD is scored on the ground.
  2. ravens_R_#1 M.V.P. Ravens

    I know history doesn't truly play a factor in any future predictions, but I have a hard time expecting a rookie QB to beat the Ravens, much less in Baltimore. I'm not sure if this team has ever lost to a rookie QB in Baltimore, but any given sunday, right?

    Ravens win and improve to 4-2
  3. dlinebass5 Franchise Player Bears

    One note: you can't just go off of a few numbers. The Bears have an awful secondary, but teams haven't really needed to pass against them, and they usually just run down the clock for most of each second half. Don't use those numbers as gospel, in this case. You can throw all over this team, if that's what you want to do.
  4. ravens_R_#1 M.V.P. Ravens

    So Ryan Jensen is currently rated the 3rd best center in the league, and I think Austin Howard is rated the 5th best RT. Stanley in the top 10 of LTs. Hurst has also played decently in my book. I recall having some questions about the line in a game or two, but all this really points focus at Joe as being the problem. He needs to continue the improve his game because the offense around him, minus Perriman as of now, isn't that bad
  5. Nitemare as opposed to my fake one? Ravens

    In yards given up, the Bears defense ranks 10th in the league, 12th against the pass and 14th against the run. In the top half of the league. They're not terrible, the Baltimore offense, until last week, has been.

    Baltimore is 23rd against the run, 13th against the pass and 18th in total yards.

    This is more of an even game than you think
  6. Tenacious Faulk M.V.P. Ravens

    Well it looks like the odds makers are giving the Ravens a one score advantage which is about as I anticipated it. If the offense is legit and the their defense is as bad as dlinebase says it could a bigger margin. However, they did beat the Steelers in OT. Similarly the Jags beat both them and us badly so this is just a guess. I'm optimisitic about our chances but not at all certain.
  7. jazznbluz Franchise Player Ravens

    Ryan Jensen has been getting a lot of attention lately. Positive attention. Besides the Balto. area papers writing about him, SB Nation and ESPN featured him also. The thing is, I don't believe we've seen him at his best yet. He keeps getting better every game.

    Just read on BR.com that Jensen, Stanley, & Howard are each in the top 4 of their respective positions.

    Hurst is playing well. He just needs to stop stepping on Flacco's foot, like he did the past week against Oakland.

    RG is a mess. Skura was playing well, and also getting better. Hopefully he comes back soon. I just don't think that Elemenor is ready. And, what's up with Bergstrom?

    Kudos to OL coordinator Joe D'Alessandris. Also have to give props to Ozzie for getting big, nasty OL who fit the scheme. :chuks:


  8. Tenacious Faulk M.V.P. Ravens

    Brandon Williams is Tweeting like he's about ready to return. Not sure if that is this week or next, but I think I speak for all of us that we hope it's this week. I'll another 7 points to the Ravens in my prediction if he does.
  9. jazznbluz Franchise Player Ravens

    Navorro Bowman has been released by the 49'ers. I like "Peanut", but Bowman & Mosely paired together sounds too enticing. From what I've read, he's completely back from his injuries. He's still a solid tackler and great against the run, but is no longer a great pass defender. That's where "Peanut" can still be utilizrd. Hmmmmmm.

    The article I read on See Bee Ssss posted a Tweet from a Ravens fan. The Ravens & their fans do know how to recruit.
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  10. ravens_R_#1 M.V.P. Ravens

    They won't sign Bowman unfortunately. Peanut has flat out proven he's better than Correa as of now, so signing Bowman and having them split time means giving up on your second round pick from last year. They won't do that. Plus I wonder what Bowman's price tag looks like.

    Second round LBs have been bad for the Ravens overall. Gotta be either 1st rounders or later than 4th rounders.
  11. jazznbluz Franchise Player Ravens

    I think Bowser's gonna break that tradition.

    As for Bowman, it will depend. There was no offset language in his contract, so San Fran still owes him the $4 + mil for this year. I think he wants to play for a winning team as well as be a starter. I agree that Peanut has proven himself, Bowman is still superior, especially against the run. I just think it would be an interesting pickup that would help in area the Ravens are lacking right now and only get better once Williams comes back.

    Unfortunately, if the past has shown us anything, it's that the Ravens just don't know when to cut bait. That includes both veterans and recent draft picks.

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