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Discussion in 'West Coast Dynasty League' started by Tim, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    I will be verifying everyone's preferred method for transfer this week and the payouts for this league will happen on January 6th. If you paid your dues via Paypal then the simplest thing is to have your payouts returned in the same manner.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss alternative payment methods you can message me through the private conversation option on the forums (click on my name to begin) or you can email me through the FleaFlicker email system.
  2. jordangett Potential Walk-On

    Tim, did you see my question about the playoffs?
  3. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Sorry Jordan, I somehow missed this post.

    Yes, the playoffs basically have the same set up as the NFL so the wildcard will play the lower seed in the same division while the higher seed gets a bye in the first round. In the second round, the winner of the WC game plays the team that had the bye within the same division.

    We will most likely look at shaking up the divisions after year 5 either bye draw-from-the-hat or by total number of wins with the 1-1 method (Most wins Division A, Second most Division B, Third most Division A, Fourth most Division B, and so on...).

    Although, in this league I will have some different aspects more open to negotiate among owners. With that in mind, if the majority of the league was in favor of shaking up divisions every year I would be willing to put that up for vote.
  4. Paddy_McAndrew Potential Walk-On

    Looking to trade back a bit in the draft so the #2 pick is on the trade block!

    Willing to listen to any offers
  5. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    If any of you guys get into the draft and would like to participate in some mocks or get involved in the General Managers Office, be sure to post about it here or PM me so I can get you on the list!
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