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Discussion in 'West Coast Dynasty League' started by Tim, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Tim Administrator Commissioner

  2. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Wow... Good game, Tim. You got me by 4 points, lol.
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  3. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    That was quite the trade you were a part of today.

    Both short and long term moves on both sides.

    I like it.
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  4. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    Tim I saw your trades in this league (there are auto-links to your league to view). If you do this right you'll be the Pats, minus the cheating.
  5. Tim Administrator Commissioner


    Will and Atticus made an interesting move.

    This league has already proved to be pretty entertaining. Seems like a good group of people are involved.
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  6. Paddy_McAndrew Potential Walk-On

    Interesting week, think its going to be a fun year. Incredible to see that Kareem Hunt and the Jags defence scored more points than half the teams in the league between them.

    That said, I think it should be a really competitive league!
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  7. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Agreed, it already looks like there is a nice split in talent between and within each division.
  8. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    The Capitalists Pigs stormed into my building today and proceeded to bitch slap my general manager all about his office...


    I was not amused... :angry:
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  9. Paddy_McAndrew Potential Walk-On

    I think this was the wrong day to bench Diggs...
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  10. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    There has been an amendment made to the rules -

    Inactivity Rule
    Any owner that fails to update their roster by keeping either injured players or players on a bye week in the starting line-up will receive one warning per season. After the initial warning, that franchise will lose their first round pick in the following draft and will be compensated a pick at the bottom of the second round. If an owner has two seasons with warnings for inactivity, the third infraction will be considered a previously warned offense and the rule will be immediately enforced. Exceptions to the rule have to be brought to the commissioner through the forum by private conversation or through email. Posting on the FleaFlicker board or posting in a forum thread will not be an accepted measure. Multiple injuries to the roster will be taken into consideration.

    This rule was something that I had originally considered but has never been necessary for this league. There still has been no reason to issue a warning to any owner and this was only amended here because of an issue that arose in another one of our pay leagues. This is something that will probably not be needed in this league as everyone here does a great job of staying on top of their line-ups but having it on the books now will help to avoid any potential future issues.

    If you have any questions be sure to ask.
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  11. atticus379 Potential Walk-On

    Getting reaaaaaalllllly tired of playing the top scoring team every week ...
  12. atticus379 Potential Walk-On

    Warning time? :(
  13. Tim Administrator Commissioner

  14. atticus379 Potential Walk-On

  15. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    When I set my lineups this morning he was still available. We have some family issues that have kept me away from the office most of the week including this weekend (@LAOJoe can verify) and I was not available to check the roster prior to game start.

    I will issue a warning on my own team this time and in the future I will be sure to leave a notice here on the boards if I will not be able to check my lineups before game start so there is no question regarding my roster or how I apply to rules to anyone, including myself.
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  16. atticus379 Potential Walk-On

    Got it. Hope everything is good, man
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  17. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    It's cool. Just helping out the older folks, but thanks anyways.
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  18. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    I am replying here as I fear this could be a dangerous precedent. If a guy isn't ruled out until late evening the day before or worse the morning of, it's not that easy for everyone to check their lineup if they expected the guy to start as of as soon as the day before.
  19. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I've had two other owners contact me about this now so I will have to be making some kind of change to the rule.

    One owner works weekends and the other attends church every Sunday so they can only set their lineups either the night before or the morning of.

    Right now, I'm thinking that bye week, suspended and IR players are the obvious ones to watch out for and perhaps players that have been declared out or ineligible before Friday at midnight.

    Looking for some feedback.
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  20. Whitesauce253 Potential Walk-On Seahawks

    I don't mind the Friday at Midnight rule. I think if the player is Doubtful or worse Friday at midnight they must be accounted for being taken out of the lineup if they don't play. If they are questionable Friday at midnight and then end up not playing and still in the lineup I can live with that. And obviously Bye week players need to be taken care of.
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