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Discussion in 'Television' started by Jeanquev, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    I gotta admit I'm actually kinda warming up to TV Negan. The last couple episodes have been good.
  2. Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    Better now than he was that is for sure as I said int he beginning I think they tried to go to far over the top with him. Now they have settled in and are just letting himself (he still a bastard but now you can see how some people came to follow him).
  3. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    And ... we're back!

    I thought last night's show was excellent and put me right back into the mood for more WD.

    In the final scene when Rick is looking at this new band of people coming towards him does he look like he's just recognized one of them? The guy with the hoodie and blue mask on his face might be the one ...

    What do you think?
  4. Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    Something definitely put a smile on his face and recognizing one of them would certainly account for that. Maybe he just see them as potential allies. There were quite a few of them and they had weapons so maybe the gears are turning in his head.
  5. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    That could be it too Jean!

    I was really happy to see Carol back to her old crotchety self too :)
  6. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    The Scavengers are ridiculous. Why have they devolved into in an infantile pseudo language inside of 3 years? Kinda felt like the whole point of that episode was to set up Winslow. Now Winslow was badass don't get me wrong but otherwise feels like we've taken a hard right back toward Stupidtown.
  7. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    Once again I must commend the show's writers for taking one of the most annoying characters in the comic and making the TV version unbearably annoying (i.e., Dr. Eugene Porter Chief Engineer Who Is Negan).

    At least we'll be down one terrible character soon (i.e., Sasha).
  8. Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    Is there any characters you actually like on the show lol
  9. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    Lol. I can't hide from the fact there's a strong undercurrent of hate-watching/reading for me with this series. But there's plenty of characters to like on this show...Darryl, Michonne, Carol, Morgan, Maggie, etc. I do like that they take some characters in different directions (e.g., Carol was awful in the comic but great on the show, but conversely they ruined great characters like Andrea and Tyreese). Eugene just happena to be a unique case of worsening a character that was terrible to start with (though he has been somewhat redeemed of late in the comic).
  10. Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    Ive only thumbed through the comic a bit at Barns and Nobel. Its on my list of things to buy just havnt yet lol. I read one part when they were at the prison and it looked like carol was a 14 year old girl who was kissing on rick lol.
  11. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    That was an entertaining if absurd finale.
  12. Jeanquev M.V.P. Steelers

    I didnt get to watch it until today and the fist site I watched it on ended with rick getting kicked from the tower. I thought well that was a crappy final lol. Luckily I found somewhere to watch the rest of it.

    I saw one part coming

    Sasha being dead and a zombie

    But I also didnt see one part coming

    The betrayal by the scavengers
  13. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    I saw the Sasha thing coming because of a similar thing that happened in the comic. And I knew Rick shouldn't've been so willing to trust the Dumpsters, but for some reason I didn't make the connection that that was who Negan was referring to when he told Sasha he knew Rick was up to something.
  14. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    Prediction - first half of S8 will be all about wiping out the Dumpsters and bringing Militia Etheridge in to Alexandria before we ever see anything with Negan again.

    BTW, because I know I can be overly critical of the writing on this show, I will commend them for one thing they've done way better than in the comic and that's the interracial relationship angle. In the comic, Michonne - the only black female character of consequence - hooks up with three guys...Tyreese (black), Morgan (black), and Ezekiel (black). That always bugged me. So on the show they've put her with Rick (in the storyline that went to Andrea in the comic) and they put Sasha with Abraham (in the storyline that went to the white Holly in the comic), and they've at least laid possible groundwork for something to happen between Carol and Morgan and/or Ezekiel on the show. I like that they've put together a pretty diverse cast without the diversity ever being an overt point of emphasis.
  15. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    Season 8: The Shooting Dead
  16. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    BTW, I'm only through Ep 4 so far, so if the non-stop gunfire has slowed down the last two weeks ignore the above comment lol.

    Whiffed badly on my prediction of what the first half of this season would hold. It's been so bad I'm really down to straight hate watching at this point and don't feel like I'm missing anything if I don't get to an episode for a few weeks. Pretty much the same reaction I had to the comic during this stretch.

    At least they finally killed the tiger off.
  17. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    See ya, Carl. At least you didn't get shot this time.

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