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    Sunday, Dec 10th 1:00 PM ET......................................... Bank of America Stadium

    EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — A division title is within reach for the Vikings.

    Minnesota can clinch the NFC North with a road win on Sunday against Carolina.

    The Vikings are 10-2, have won eight straight games and hold a four-game lead in the NFC North after Sunday’s 14-9 win over the Falcons.

    Minnesota also currently holds the top spot in the NFC playoff picture.

    The Panthers are 8-4 and in second place in the NFC South behind New Orleans.

    Carolina dropped a 31-21 decision to the Saints on Sunday, but would be a Wild Card team if the season ended today.
  2. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    I thought the Falcons game was important but this game against the Panthers is slamming the door shut on everybody,the Eagles got exposed like with all teams pressure on the O-line and qb there just another team..the NFC wild card looks wild and crazy looks like a bitter fight here
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    Everson Griffen on stopping Cam Newton: “You keep on hitting him”

    The Vikings know what Cam Newton is capable of. They also know what he’s susceptible to.

    So as they plan for Sunday’s game against the former MVP, they’re going to rely on a simple, yet elegant plan.

    Well, you just hit him,” Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen said, via John Shipley of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “You keep on hitting him. He’s a big guy.”

    The last two times they’ve seen the Panthers’ quarterback, it’s been a valid plan. In beating the Panthers twice, the Vikings have sacked him 12 times and picked him off four times. If they can continue to do that, they take another step toward home field advantage in the NFC playoffs.

    Toward that end, they want to discourage Newton from asserting himself as a runner. That’s been more of a part of the Panthers attack lately, and the Vikings are aware of that.

    “You’ve got to hit him like he’s a running back,” Griffen said of Newton when he’s out of the pocket. “Don’t hit him like he’s a quarterback because he’s not protected then. No cheap shots, you just hit him like he’s a running back. You just hit him.”

    Of course, the Vikings are qualified to do just that. They’re second in the league in total defense, and keeping plenty of quarterbacks in check. And they know it works, based on recent experience.
  4. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    To hit Cam Newton means pressure pressure now its down the stretch its dirty dog time! Time to shift into another gear its Playoff Football ( mind set ) IMO
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    The loss of Jason Peters was finally shown to hurt. Although The play-calling was timid AF.

    Panthers may really need this game.
  6. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    just in from the Big Balls Files Matt Kalil is saying he's a different player now WTF if you sucked when you with the Vikings you still suck now !!!,we will see this Sunday you sound like a bitter man....i'll show ya he saying I'm just laughing
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    Vikings right tackle Mike Remmers to miss fifth straight game

    The Vikings will be without right tackle Mike Remmers for the fifth straight week.

    Via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Remmers was ruled out because of the lower back injury which kept him off the practice field all week, keeping him out of the game against his old team.

    He missed last week’s game with the back problem, after missing the previous three weeks with a concussion. Rashod Hill will continue to replace him in the lineup.

    The Vikings will also be without tight end David Morgan, who suffered a concussion last week.
  8. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    So far Rashod Hill has been playing ok ouch on David Morgan hope he can come back soon GO VIKINGS
  9. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    It looks like its not there day and what the hell is a catch ?
  10. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    Everything is going wrong for the Vikings wow they can't catch a break,man talk about being your own worst enemy

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