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    And fuck
  2. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Yeah, D got caught on a 3 on 1.
  3. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins

  4. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

  5. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    57 seconds away from a shutout win.
  6. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    I hope they don't below another game.
  7. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Babbs arrogance showing.
  8. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings Manager

    OTTAWA -- Frederik Andersen challenged his Toronto Maple Leafs teammates to play better heading into their game against the Ottawa Senators at Canadian Tire Centre on Saturday, and they are backing his words.

    After the Maple Leafs blew a two-goal lead in the third period and lost 3-2 in overtime at the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday, the goaltender expressed his displeasure with how Toronto played.

    "He doesn't say much, but when he says something, people listen up," center Auston Matthews said Friday after practice. "He's absolutely within his right to be upset because we've left him out to dry too many times over this course of games. He's absolutely right. We have his back. We need to be better for one another, and we need to be better for him."

    Andersen has faced 30 or more shots on goal in 11 straight games and 14 of the past 15.

    "He's a great leader," forward Tyler Bozak said. "He doesn't talk too much, but when he does, his point means a lot. He's a guy who sees things that are going on really well. He's been playing unbelievable for us, so it's probably a little frustrating when we're not playing our best in front of him and we do have those leads. Yeah, we've got to be better."

    I like it and think it is needed from time to time for a teammate to speak up and rally the troops. Usually its the team Captain, but in this situation Andersen had enough. Leafs got to clamp down and play 2-way hockey.

    Certainly no need for panic, but its probably about time to get more aggressive and stop the bleeding.
  9. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    The leafs don't have a captain, but since Andersens been their best player the last two months, he has a right to speak up. The shots on net would go down if they could have better possession numbers, this would improve by getting the right line combo and maximizing their ice time. Rielly might not play tonight so they'll be in tough against the sens.
  10. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Where has kadri been?
  11. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings Manager

    That's what id like to know...
  12. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    He was on his way to a career year, then disappeared
  13. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Ok, that's a good start, 1-0 hyman.
  14. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    Of course he pops the game's cherry.
  15. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Nazem Kadri

    First 27 games=23 pts

    Last 20 games=1 pt

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