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  1. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Osuna out 10 days.
  2. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings Manager

    Josh Donaldson expected to hit the disabled?list

    It?s been a bad start to the Blue Jays season. They?re 1-8 and most of those losses have come in very close games, making it all the more aggravating. Now they?re about to lose their best player.

    Donaldson first hurt the calf over the weekend. He did it on a close play at first base which caused him to limp off the field. He shook that off and has played in the past three games, but he tweaked it again last night.
    Bum legs can be far more annoying than one-run losses, and if Donaldson is hobbled for an extended period, it?s going to sap him. The Jays need to turn things around quickly, but it?s a long season and to be competitive, they?ll need him to be healthy. Good move to DL him, even if he could play through it.

    Damn, I didn't realize they were 1-8 on the season. They will turn it around in my opinion... too much talent not to.

    I hate for this to be happening.
  3. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Gibby will get fired soon IMO, big mistake in the off-season letting EE walk.
  4. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    Gibby just signed an extension too. It's not Gibby that let him walk. It's the new GM they put in while AA got the boot. Doesn't know how to negotiate.
  5. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    The manager always ends up getting punished in the end, after tonight 1-9, terrible, that's how the business works.
  6. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    4-12 looks bad now, if they could get to .500 by the end of may, it's a whole new season. If things get worse, let's say they're 16-48 by june.10, I could see the beginning of the end for gibby, if not the end. Any evaluating can't be done until at least the 50-60 game mark.

    One consolation to a stinker season, I get a nice seat in a totally empty section.
  7. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

  8. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    5 in a row.
  9. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings Manager

    Good job... nice sweep!
  10. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    This streak really made the climb manageable. They just can't fall into another big slide.
  11. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Walk off, i could hear the hr foghorn from my place.
  12. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    17-21, they're at the 38 game mark, if they could hit 500 by the 55 game point, this team will make a run for the wild card at least.
  13. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    23-26, JD's back, it won't be long to .500 and beyond.
  14. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Nice comeback.
  15. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

  16. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

  17. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    In comes Randal Grichuk and out goes Jose Bautista. Should we get excited?

    Strikes out a tonne, hasn't had an OBP over .300 in three years and hits .250.

    Yipee kayaye
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  18. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    After 36 years, the voice of the blue jays Jerry Howarth has called it quits.
  19. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    Not for nothing, but you could've said pretty much the same thing about Bautista 10 years ago.
  20. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    You could say the same about the majority of players, they're like bautista from ten years ago.

    How many of them then end up like the bautista from eight years ago?

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