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    ok, let me start this off...

    this post is Solomon approved
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    lol, the "not cool" is classic :)
  3. Misterfamous Potential Walk-On


    His English has improved quite a bit.
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  5. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Ovi's latest order from Amazon.com.

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  7. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins

    im willing to bet that Ovenchicken's golf etiquette may be sub par.
  8. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins


    Caps suck.
  9. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins


    there is an actual Winter Classic Champs sign at the Caps practice facility.
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  13. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Two goals so far, and two periods to go for #50.
  14. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

  15. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Watch... teh 0vul8r will end up being hockey's Dan Marino.
  16. hockeybob Hall-of-Fame Blackhawks

  17. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins

    thing that surprises me most about the Caps loss is Holtby's play. he's been so consistent his entire career. sure he hasn't won anything substantial but he was often singlehandedly keeping the Caps in games. also surprising was Ovenchicken's strong play. I was waiting for him to get impatient and start flying his own zone w/out the puck like he's been known to do. still don't like him though.
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  19. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Another hatrick patrick!
  20. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

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