Steelers cleared cap space

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by smcndfan, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. smcndfan Franchise Player Steelers

    The Steelers cleared $13 million in cap space by restructuring DeCastro and Tuitt contracts
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  2. MemphisKing10 Franchise Player Staff Member Official Steelers

    Andddd they signed Nix to a four year deal!
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  3. dirk275 Home Town Favorite Steelers

    That's a huge chunk of cash for a team with little space. Should help a lot.
    I'm happy with the Nix deal too.
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  4. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Does Pitt take a risk w Bowman?
  5. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Might be a good idea to at least kick the tires
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  6. jcsteelfan Franchise Player Steelers

    I didn't watch Bowman much this season but he was a fantastic for the 49ers a few years back. He was a stud but I'm not sure he's fast enough to fill the need the Steelers have.

    Anybody think the Steelers restructuring contracts right now is more about making space to get Bell signed than picking up free agents?
  7. beachbum M.V.P. Steelers Manager

    They needed to restructure just to get to a point where they could place restricted free agent tenders on people. There will be more restructures.
  8. smcndfan Franchise Player Steelers

    The Steelers have $7.6 million in cap space right now
  9. beachbum M.V.P. Steelers Manager

    That's without whatever they are paying Nix and it doesn't include RFA tenders for Boswell, Chickillo and Rogers*. So after two restructures they're basically flush against the cap. There will be more.

    *I'm assuming they don't bother with a tender for Touissant.
  10. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    LB Derrick Johnson now available
  11. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Derrick Johnson might be a good fit for 2-3 seasons. That way we could go BPA instead of desperately picking an ILB too high.
  12. beachbum M.V.P. Steelers Manager

    He looked like he was running in sand last year.
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  13. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Hes not bad to take a flyer for 1 he better than Matakevich? Personally, I go after Bowman and draft Ward w #28 or move up and get him
  14. mc Franchise Player Steelers

    So super soft at ILB and S

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