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    haha-it's funny, when I saw SW, I thought it was the greatest and it had such innovative things. well thanks to the internet, Lucas borrowed or stole the ideas for ep4-6. The scrolling words at the beginning of the movie ? he saw them in some cheesy film years earlier and loved the idea. the fight scenes with the tie fighters and x-wings were taken from WWII battles. He saw the footage of some battle and loved it and recreated it for the attack on the Death Star. Lucas basically used the premise of the 7 samurai for the plot to rescue a princess from the evil war lord. and he kept rewriting and rewriting it to death. I mean the original idea was for Luke to be called Luke Starkiller or something like that and for Han Solo to be a lizard. Director Brian DePalma thought it was going to be a disaster. So did many of Lucas' colleagues except Spielberg. The more I see about Lucas, the less genius I think he was. And of course, I watch the prequels and thought really less of him.

    The 1 thing I give him credit for is the THX sound he created that many movies use now and the usage of great special effects.

    Lucas was shrewd. He insisted he get a cut of the Kenner toys profits and they said no freaking way. He said he would take less of a directors cut if he had a cut of the toys. Wow.
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    Pretty sure its always been anybody can be a Jedi having parents that were Jedi was not a requirement. After all Midi-chlorians are present in all life (established in Phantom Menace). Having a larger number allowed one to connect with the force.

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    Look if your on this board and tour reading this then you should already know spoilers ahead.

    Its got the lowest score on Rotten Tomatoes of any Star Wars movie but again as I said I didnt hate it. I have read a few articles that some people who watched it a second time came away with a better appreciation of it than they originally had.

    What I didnt like
    Forced Comedy: The comedy was over the top and forced. There are funny lines through out Star Wars and it works but they seemed to go out of the way to make things funny or cute int his one.

    Snokes quick death with no explanation of who he was. Johnson says there was no explanation for 2 reasons 1) Snoke monologuing his history would have disrupted the scene and 2) It wasnt important to Rey who Snoke was. To some degree I get Snoke going off on a tangent about how he climbed to power would be scene killing I however have to disagree that Rey doesnt care who snoke is. Yes she want to bring Ben back tot he light but im 99% sure one of her questions to Luke would have or should have been who is snoke. After all he tell her that snoke had corrupted Ben so logic says your next question is who is Snoke.

    The whole gambling planet side story line. If its going to fail and fail as miserably as it did do we really need to see it? Come on part of what makes you believe in the rebellion is the ability to pull off impossible things so insted we send them on a side quest making it fail and the rebellion looks inept.

    No Lando: Yeah it was known way before the movie he wouldnt be in it Johnson said there was no place in the story for him. Really no place in the story you go to a gambling planet and there is no place for the gambling Lando Calrissian? Johnson says he is a Star wars fan but if you dont see how you couldn't have fit Lando in on that planet either knowing the coder or somehow being involved in their escape (perhaps he was locked up for doing something Landoish) then you are not as big of a fan as you say you are.

    Pearl Harbor effect: All the Rebels are in one location? None are spread out anywhere else in the galaxy? When they send out a distress call nobody comes nobody even responds. They know the signal was received (i guess they all have Iphones) but not one other pocket of resistance even says sorry we can get there in time or hey we are under attack too. Why? Because Johnson has them all in one freaking location (he is not the first of course same thing in a new hope). Im sure this will be seen as nit picky but doesnt change the fact I didnt like it.

    Captain Phasma: Yeah I get you want her to be the new Boba Fett little screen time big popularity either give her a freaking story line that is legit or keep her off the damn screen.

    Kylo Ren: My god people complain about Anakin being a whiny lil bitch boy Kylo is 10 times the spoiled brat Anakin was.

    Leia: Not killing her before the end of the movie. Yes I know originally she was supposed to factor in heavily in the last movie but once Carrie Fisher died they needed to do a rewrite and kill her off in this film at some point. They have already said they will not CGI her in the next film which would mean a death off screen or worse a recast.

    I may add more later those where the ones that came to mind as I sit here

    What I liked

    Luke: I personally loved the way he went out. From the moment he stepped into the base I knew he wasn't there (yes I really did believe it or not that up to you). Pulling it off like he did showed he was still one of the most powerful Jedi's of all time. There was not one part of his end i didnt like. I know some dont like how he stepped out after all the cannon fire and dusted off his shoulder but to me it worked he said to that scared little punk of a kid is that all you got and it worked.

    Some of the Comedy: Much of it was to much but some parts worked: Chewie trying to eat a porg with live ones giving him the sad face, Poe when facing down the dreadnought and acting like he cant here the General, When BB8 tells poe Finn is awake and leaking bad, Reys constant gaffs with the caretakers.

    Leia Survives : Yes this contradicts one of my above not likes but here im talking about one instance. I know some have complained the CGI was horrible but Leia's instinctive use of the force to save her life works for me because people tend to forget she is a Skywalker and does have strong ties to the force. I like that she survived here but they should have found another way to kill her as they escaped the base or something
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    great stuff jean. agreed with 99% of it. the leia floating via mary poppins was awful. it looked like some cheesy special effects from 1950, not 2018. use a force field around her like the green lantern would use. do something besides float in space like she did. it looked so silly. not the concept of her living - how they shown her floating in space.

    they pulled a joke out of the movie. remember in ep 4 - han and chewie tearing ass after 2 stormtroopers and han yelling "argh" down the hallway until he turns a corner and then 50 of them are there. while in the dreadnought - finn and the girl were going to do the same thing and when they turned the corner, the troopers uniforms were going to be on a rack getting cleaned, but the director took it out. haha.
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