SoCals NFL Suicide 2017

Discussion in 'SoCal's NFL Suicide' started by SoCalSaint, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. AxeMurderer Legend Cowboys

    "Serious as cancer" referred to YOU, not me.

    I grew up in the 70s. What, you think I came of age in 2000 or something?
  2. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings Manager

    Anybody can root for any team at any given time. Demographics don't mean shit. Loyalty stems from your unconditional support for your favorite team and the willingness to stand behind them through thick and thin. Your local team doesn't have the right for your respect or the claim to it through loyalty, they have to earn it like anybody else.

    I know this isn't my argument , but I couldn't sit still no longer. Being born somewhere does not make it mandatory to loyalty of ones hometown team, period.

    I could rant forever on this, but I got big fish to catch and fry... carry on and pardon the interruption.
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  3. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Fighting Irish Eagles

    Will - It's just how many kids in the neighborhood and our grade school were. no laws written or posted. it was just something we believed in. you just didn't sway away from your city and their sports teams. you cheered for them and cursed them at the same time and always wore their colors when school allowed it. and hey most of the philly sports teams were never any good, so to jump ship and cheer for someone else is believable as well. until 1980 and 1983, the phillies and sixers never won a title, so I can see a fan from previous years get tired of losing. hell the phils were playing baseball before 1900 so that's a lot of losing without a winner. The Eagles last won a NFL title in 1960, so yeah, fans can got impatient and rolled to someone else like the Steelers as they are in the same state, or Dallas in Axe's example. I'm just saying I didn't grow up that far away from Axe and yet it's two different cultures with the sports teams. I know a lot of people from where Axe grew up - one around the same age and the rest younger and they all bleed Eagles green, Flyers black and orange, Phillies red and white and Sixers blue and white. Saying early of getting beaten down by Eagles fans was like sports hazing for liking a non-Philly team. It was all a joke.
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  4. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Fighting Irish Eagles

    no axe, I know your just a tad older than me.
  5. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    The Eagles sucked in the 70's. I lived in Florida when I became a Steelers fan, the dolphins were good but not good enough to attract me. No other teams in Florida at the time.
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  6. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    We brought it up somewhere else but if the Pats win then Rediiis is champ by 10 whole points over me. If the Eagles win then we finished tied on points but I am champ due to the last man standing tiebreaker.
  7. rediiis M.V.P. Raiders Canucks Manager

    I thought I would win the tie-breaker due to overall handsomeness.
  8. rediiis M.V.P. Raiders Canucks Manager

    For some reason, winning a game that isn't monitored seems lacking. I guess without the flashing lights and swag girls this hasn't been as been expected.
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  9. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    It all depends on which penguin you are looking at.
  10. rediiis M.V.P. Raiders Canucks Manager

    boeser baby, all boeser all the time...some horvat included
  11. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    Say it SoCal.
  12. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Congratulations LAOJoe, that was a good win.
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  13. rediiis M.V.P. Raiders Canucks Manager

    Congrats Joe, didn't see my teams likely to crumble at the end. Your comeback reminds of a usc/nd game when I was a young lad. I am playing qb at a prison in Chino at 12 and when they named my rb mvp the crowd went apeshit. They (prison guards) took me to a hole and make a Most Popular Trophy in minutes. Out I come to the ovation of the crowd. What do I hear on the drive home. Son, you made me miss the best USC game ever. USC was down 28-7 at half and Anthony Davis went off in the seond half. I heard this for the rest of his life. Kinda wish they had recording devices back then or espn, or fsn, or blah blah blah. Once again, well played Joe. You are now sainted.
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  14. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Fighting Irish Eagles

    red-playing qb at a prison in chino ? that sounds like the Longest Yard or a part of the movie SLEEPERS. Either way, that seems hard core.

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