Religion - Do ya or don'tcha?

Discussion in 'Opinion' started by neanderthal ike, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. M.I.A. Unknown Soldier Falcons

    Proud of ya, man. Keep fighting the good fight!
  2. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    thanks MIA. It's been a solid battle. No urges to relapse. I did get yelled at for how I look at AA from an associate of mine who was a bad alcoholic and drug addict, who turned his life around and has been sober for 4 yrs. He thinks I look at AA all wrong etc. To me, I'm sober, I go to meetings, so how I look at it is irrelevant! I'm doing it my way and as long as I'm sober, that's all that matters, so get off my back! Not real happy with him.

    Overall, I'm doing great. Very happy. My 1 thing is that I am so strong willed to quit cold turkey, why couldn't i just drink in moderation? That's what bothers me. I had to quit to quit. I couldn't tone it down. My body and addiction didn't know how to turn it down. That's the crappy part. Thanks for the support.
  3. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    wow im slacking on this thread. just passed 11 months. 333 days. Easter Sunday will be 342 days. 1 yr is huge in the program, well it is to me. Some people get their coin and don't do anything. I am. I have a 4 page speech written out of my 1 yr journey and my past. It won't take long to read. Just 2-3 min. To me 1 yr means so much across many topics, but ultimately i lasted 1 yr and 365 days!! Phew. I can't wait till that day-May 10th. I just live 1 day at a time and didn't look at a year ahead bc it was too far away. now it's so close, i can see it right in front of me. just a few more weeks now.
  4. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    less than 2 weeks now till the first year anniversary. im giving a 4 page speech on my year journey. i cite God quite often in it. I never expected that to happen, but there's no way someone like me who drank for 27 yrs on weekends could quit so easily without rehab, hospices, hospitals, clinics etc without his help! I'm not a Bible belt person at all but this is more than will power keeping me on the straight road and path!
  5. M.I.A. Unknown Soldier Falcons

  6. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    mia-24 hrs to go. if you would like to read my speech, i can send it to you. if not, no biggie.
  7. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    1 year today! i made it !

    *DANCE* *YAHOO* *HI* :D :p
  8. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    i got a round of applause after the speech. i reduce 1 guy to tears and had 2 people said they were deeply moved by my story and 2 others said i should get it published in the AA magazine, which i didn't know existed, it was that good !

    So glad I wrote it and gave it.
  9. KilkennyDan Let's Go Buffalo! Patreon Champion Sabres Bills Kilkenny

    Cat, I'm glad for you, and proud of you. You really showed me the real Cat in Detroit and I'm happy to let everyone know you're a genuine kind soul.

    Best wishes and stay the fight. You know there will be rough patches (that's life). Just remember that a person is not measured on what problems they may have. No, a person is measured on how they respond to those problems.

    When you're - at the core - a good person, you have a huge advantage.

    I and a bunch of others are cheering for you.
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  10. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    thank you Dan. those may be the nicest words i've gotten this week!
  11. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    #479 days sober. heading to my 16th month in 2 weeks. day #500 is sept 21st wow! and i've been asked to be a guest speaker at a speaker meeting on sept 18th! there i am telling my story. the whole story. i have only heard 3 people be really captivating. i intend to blow people away with my story which seems so simple really as i was a cheap beer drinker at home in my recliner most weekends, but it's not that simple. it's mixed with serious signs of a drinking problem long ago. im telling them all of it. most people get long toothed and then just stop speaking. i have a outline and im going from memory but boy do i remember a lot. it's going to be interesting as i have friends coming to this night. even they don't know the whole story! phew.
  12. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    speech moved up to tonight ! hit 16 months yesterday! a little nervous, but i can't mess up. it's my night to say whatever i want. im going to blow them away.
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  13. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    sober day #500 today! wow. i didn't know if i would last 1 freaking day, let alone 500. wow.
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  14. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Congratulations Catfish. Have one on me, a milkshake that is.

    Treat yourself to mark the milestone. Then go back on your diet.
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  15. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    thanks gid. appreciate the nice comments.
  16. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Congrats on #500... it's like watching Cal Ripken, Jr.
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  17. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    halo-it's funny and odd you say that. 1 i wish i was Cal Ripken! I didn't think I would last 1 damn day, let alone 505. aha. But some mid-40 yr old woman last night, who relapsed bf, and is now sober again (that alone makes her story flimsy) said she went out to a restaurant and had water etc but after a while the smell of everyone else's drink got to her and she left early. huh? why? temptation? where's your inner strength sister? where's your inner yoda? fight.

    an old fart told me last fall to NOT attend the Navy-ND game at the new Met Life Stadium in NY with 500 drunks from Grays Ferry- a Irish section of West Philly on a bus trip. He said "too much temptation!" i said "you can't live your life in a box." If you can't handle it - don't go, but you're only hurting yourself by missing out on many cool events and functions. Then a month later I went golfing with college buddies in Tampa, Fl. They all drank right in front of me on the golf course at 8 am. That's what golf trips are all about. This old man and others couldn't believe I went and was fine with ice water and Gatorade. Again, do I not go bc I'm tempted? If you are, then you're not even close to being recovered yet or even have a handle or grip on it. I'm sober almost 17 months and I am in total control of my problem. i quit cold turkey and never looked back. to not be around it or the smell bothers you sounds to me like you're in denial still and you still may relapse. not me. and unlike most people i meet, i never was in a hospice, rehab, hospital, clinic, wellness center or half-way house. i beat it cold turkey! they even say to not do that bc i am destined to fail without the aid of medical assistance. to me i tell them "go fuck yourself and im doing fine without it!"

    oh and guess where im going tomorrow....? im going golfing again with my buddies. this time to Appleton, Wi to golf 3 rds and attend the Bears-Packers game at famed Lambeau Field! Yeah not go to Lambeau bc of drinking around me? Please. I had 1 day off of work on July 3 for the holiday weekend and the Friday bf Labor Day. I worked all summer while my department was down the beach on vacation. Good for them, but I am going to enjoy the next 3 and 1/2 days and not even think about drinking. I gotta think about hitting my ball straight ! bwahahahaha
  18. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    just passed 18 months of sobriety. getting my coin tonight. my home group is one of the few groups that has a 18 month coin. it's the last one till my yearly anniversaries every May. Boom!

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