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  1. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    These are the official rules for the Professional Rivals Dynasty League -

    Roster size: 9 starters, 17 bench players, 2 practice squad players

    Starters -
    QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX
    Defense: D/SPTs
    SPTs: K

    Scoring -

    Passing Yards, 25 yards per point
    Passing Touchdowns, 6
    Interceptions, -1
    Rushing Yards, 10 yards per point
    Rushing Touchdowns, 6
    Reception Yards, 10 yards per point
    Reception Touchdowns, 6
    2-Point Conversions, 2
    Fumbles Lost, -1
    Offensive Fumble Return TD, 6

    Field Goals 0-39 Yards, 3
    Field Goals 40-49 Yards, 4
    Field Goals 50+ Yards, 5
    Point After Attempt Made, 1

    Sack, 2
    Interception, 3
    Fumble Force, 2
    Defensive Touchdown, 6
    Safety, 2
    Block Kick, 2
    Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns, 6

    There are no fractional points.

    Division Winner Tie-Breakers:
    Division Record
    Most Points
    Conference Record
    Head to Head
    Player with Most Points (season: offensive or defensive)
    Kicker with the Most Points (season)

    Wildcard Winner Tie-Breakers:
    Conference Record
    Most Points
    Head to Head
    Player with Most Points (season: offensive or defensive)
    Kicker with Most Points (season)


    Wednesday, August 30th - IR spots open for Practice Squad Players
    I will set the roster limits to include two IR spots, that will accept any player, to be used for the practice squad throughout the season (following regular PS rules).

    Monday, September 4th - Roster Limit Deadline at 8pm ET
    If you fail to cut your roster down before the deadline at 8pm your roster will automatically be trimmed down starting with your 10th round pick and moving backwards through the draft until the roster maximum is reached. That number is 26, plus 2 practice squad players for a total of 28. IF YOU DO NOT MAKE THE DEADLINE THERE IS NO DO-OVERS OR TAKE BACKS. IF YOU DID NOT MAKE IT PRIOR TO 8PM YOU FORFEIT THE ABILITY TO DECIDE YOUR FINAL OPENING DAY ROSTER.

    Wednesday, September 6th - Deadline for Practice Squad designations
    2 players may be placed on the PS prior to the deadline at 8pm. IF YOU FAIL TO MAKE THE DEADLINE YOUR ROSTER WILL BE CUT DOWN TO 31 AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ADD PLAYERS TO THE PS TILL WEEK 5 OR WEEK 10 (the opening for PS changes). CUTS WILL BE MADE BY THE COMMISSIONER.

    Practice squad players will be kept in the 2 injured reserve spots that will remain after the final cuts.

    The maximum number of draft picks (after initial draft) is 20. If you make trades that land you more than 20 picks you will receive your highest 20 selections. All others will be forfeited.

    Trading is open and every player that is currently on your roster is in fact on your roster, meaning you have the rights to move them for players or future picks. This opens up the possibility of still getting something in return for a player that you may be looking to release to get down to the 28 man roster or potentially get up to the 40 man limit ahead of free agency.

  2. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Initial Draft and Yearly Draft Rules

    The initial draft will consist of 38 draft picks. On the Monday of the final week of the preseason you must designate 2 players to the practice squad.

    Every draft thereafter will consist of 8 draft picks. Your number of picks will be set at 8 though you may trade picks for picks, picks for players or picks for players and picks. Prior to the draft your max roster availability is 26. At the end of the draft your max roster availability is 38. If you make trades prior to the draft that will push your roster over the 38 player max you have until the Thursday following the draft to cut players from your roster to bring your franchise within the 38 player limit. If you have less than 38 you may sign free agents to bring you up to 38 or you may continue on with less than 38. You have until the Monday of the third week of the preseason to make roster cuts to bring your roster down to 28 with 2 players designated to the practice squad. During the month of March you must cut your roster down to 26. If you have practice squad players they must be brought onto the active roster, meaning 2 players from the active roster will need to be cut to make space.

    The draft goes from worst to first (does not snake) and the previous seasons standings are set as follows -
    Non-playoff teams are all in the top half of the round (1-6) and are based upon record followed by points.
    Playoff teams are all in the bottom half of the round (7-12) and based upon elimination followed by record followed by tiebreakers.

    The draft will always be held in July.

    All available free agents including the most recent draft class are eligible to be drafted.
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  3. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Trading, Free Agency and Waiver Wire

    Deadlines for the 2017 season -

    Add/Drop Deadline
    Start of the first game in week 17
    Trading Deadline
    The Tuesday of week 11 11:30pm EST

    The Waiver Wire works in reverse order of the current standings. It is a 2 day waiver wire.

    Trades are to be approved by the commissioner. Courtesy trading and bye week help in the form of two teams making a transaction at one point in the year then returning those players at another point is not allowed.

    Conditional Trading
    Trading players for conditional picks is allowed and the guidelines can be determined by the individual parties. If a player is traded for a conditional pick that the owner trading the pick no longer possesses, it will be replaced by the next pick in reverse order (higher pick).

    Examples -
    Team A trades RB Bob to Team B for their 3rd round pick with a condition set that if Bob rushes for over 1,500 yards it becomes a 2nd round selection. Team B trades away their second round pick in another transaction. Bob rushes for 1,501 yards. Being that team B no longer possesses their original 2nd round pick they must give up the immediate higher pick. Team B does not possess another 2nd round pick so they must give up their first round selection.

    Team C trades WR Mike to Team D for their 3rd round pick with a condition set that if Mike does not catch MORE than 4 touchdowns it becomes a 4th round selection. Team D then trades away their 4th round pick in another transaction that nets them a higher selection in the 4th round. Mike only makes 3 TD receptions, but since Team D no longer possesses their original 4th round pick they must give up the newly acquired 4th round selection being that it is their next highest draft slot they possess.
  4. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Practice Squad Players

    You will have 2 roster spots designated for the practice squad. THESE PLAYERS MUST BE KEPT IN THE IR SPOT.

    You may activate these players after week 5 and week 10. When you activate a player for the practice squad you must either send a player from your regular roster to the PS or cut a player from your regular roster so that you stay within the 26 player limit. If you cut a player from your regular roster to make space for a PS player you may fill the PS spot with any available FA.

    At the end of the season our ADD/DROPS will close until the start of the new year (by FleaFlicker's calendar) so the window to retain your practice squad players begins March 1st and ends on March 31st. If you wish to retain your practice squad players they must become part of your active 26 prior to 11pm of March 31st.

    The PS: Add/Drops and the Waiver Wire
    When making waiver claims in regards to the PS - All add/drops and waiver claims must follow the regular practice squad rules.

    If you cut a player from your PS and want to move a player from your roster down you are free to do so. Once they are on the PS it would follow normal squad rules (weeks 5/10) after that. Basically, if you have a RB on the PS and cut him you are opening up an spot on your PS that you can then fill with a player from your roster or from free agency.

    Trading Practice Squad Players
    Practice Squad players are trade eligible. Players that have been received that were on the trade partners practice squad are immediately roster eligible. Both teams have 24 hours from the time of the trade to declare a player to the practice squad or to make the necessary drop from the regular roster to remain roster compliant.

    Team 1 trades a RB that is on the practice squad
    Team 2 trades a WR that is on the active roster

    Team 1 will need to either move an offensive player onto the PS from their roster or drop a player from their regular roster to become roster compliant. The WR they received is immediately eligible to start.

    Team 2 has not moved a practice squad player so they need to make no additional moves to become roster compliant. The RB they received is immediately eligible to start.
  5. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    League Dues and Payout

    The league dues are $100 a season and are due on March 1st of each calendar year.

    The league winner receives $1085.

    The runner-up (Super bowl loser) receives $100.
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