Pittsburgh Penguins ... Quest for a 3-peat: 2017-18

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  1. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Game 18: TEH PHIL scores to avoid the g00se. Caps beat Penz 4-1... just 5 months too late. B00M! Enjoy your 2 measly points. 9-7-2 (20 pts)
  2. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Game 19: Pekka sends Pens off to beat their peckers. 5-4 SO. Trashville, like the Crapolas, just can't do it when it counts. 9-7-3 (21 pts)
  3. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Game 20: TEH PHIL said unto the thirsty Apostle Sidney, "He who drinketh from this Cup, shall lift his people to glory." Sid did sippeth from the Cup and he did end the drought to tie the game at 3. And it was good. TEH PHIL saw the plight of the Apostles and delivered a blow that made the enemy weary. Praise be. In a moment of sudden death, the Apostle Sidney, whom TEH PHIL earlier blessed, shared his wealth and Apostle Connor dealt the fatal the blow to the enemy. 5-4OT. 10-7-3 (23 pts)
  4. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Game 21: Penz take a 3-1 win. 11-7-3 (25 pts)

    Game 22: Penz fall to the Dirty Chicken Hawks again, 2-1 this time (not 10-1). 11-8-3 (25 pts) ***Pens are on pace to hit 96 pts.

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