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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Phillies' started by Catfish, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Houston is on fire... they should be a model for the Phillies to follow, I agree. They have all their bases covered and the pitching to go with it.

    Philly started great, but the wheels fell off in a hurry... I agree it would be nice to get some AB's in for the Minor Leaguers, but if a feller aint injured it might be tough to send a contracted MLB player down. I don't know.

    I think its not really possible to just send the starters to the trash can... they need management that can pull things off and make some trades.
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    this current management has no shown ANY ability to make a quality trade! they have not shown any ability to make a bold move to help the team for the present or future. and there was talk of sending both herrera and franco down to wake them up. herrera is on a mild hitting streak now and franco looks somewhat better at the plate. other spots need a boost! their Gm is not the man for the job. he's a programmed robot from the ownership. He's no Theo!
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    I agree.

    Winning organizations usually start at the head and work/trickle down through the ranks... sometimes you need to cut off the head.
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    they promised change Will. They have a new billionaire owner who promised winning and to buy any player needed to win. He hasn't bought anyone. Michael Saunders stinks. Wasted money. Everyone keeps saying the Phillies will be big buyers in the FA winter of 2018/19 when Harper, Machado, Kershaw and others are available. I said it before...if 6 teams open up their checkbooks to those guys, they will want to go to a winning team and not a losing team. 2019 is 2 yrs away and the Phils are in last place now. Harper is not coming here. Neither is anyone else bc they aren't winning and show no signs of winning. And if the Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox, Astros and Dodgers all want Harper too but the Phils offer the most money - would Harper really come here? Doubtful. Like Jim Thome, it only takes 1 big FA to start the floodgates, but right now no one wants to come here. The team is terrible and the losing contagious. This is why i don't get not calling up the kids to start winning some damn games now. Show these big FA's you are COMMITTED TO WINNING. These guys aren't fools. They play against the Phils all the time and see their losing ways. No amount of money will make them come here over the top teams.
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