No Trolling in Patriot Nation

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by SPress, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. SPress Franchise Player Patriots

    I do not think the Pats can win it all without Hightower. He is a playmaker and his two plays vs Seattle and Atlanta were game changers. Therefore I dont think the Pats win the SB this year because he is out. And btw they need to find a way to replace him quickly (like this draft and not a 6th rounder) I think trading Grappallo and Bressitt in the same 2 months was foolish by Belichick.
    Ok Bears and Browns fans. I am critical of the Pats too. They just have less flaws at the moment.
  2. dirk275 Home Town Favorite Steelers

    Until Brady and Bill go to pasture, I always will believe the Patriots will win the SB until the season ends.

    Not that it bothers me. I think Brady is cool but it would be nice if the Steelers got one more before Ben hangs it up.

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