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Discussion in 'Boston Red Sox' started by SPress, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. SPress Franchise Player Patriots

    I just noticed nothing has been posted in the Red Sox section for 2 and a half years. That's pathetic. Yankees Suck!
  2. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

    only a couple of guys on this entire baseball section press. me and some guys are in the trivia and general baseball section. come join us.
  3. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

  4. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins

    Sale being the lone exception, every pitcher Dombrowski has acquired is hurt.
  5. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

    some bad luck there matty. hope price's elbow isn't too serious.
  6. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

  7. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    They won't need a fifth starter until 4/9, Pomeranz thinks he'll be ready by then.

    Thornburg and Smith are exhibits A and B why it's generally a fool's errand to trade for relievers in the off-season, though.
  8. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins

    But is anyone confident in Pomeranz's health? I like what he can bring to the table....... assuming he gets to the table
  9. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    I'm not confident in anything with Pomeranz...the health of his elbow, the usefulness of the stem cell injection, his ability to be effective as a starter in the AL even if he is healthy, whether the first half of last season was a Petco-fueled mirage, etc. That's a lot of question marks considering what they gave up for him, and most of them weren't tied to Preller's dirty dealing, either.
  10. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

    do u guys think porcello can duplicate his cy young winning season ? the guy was a 4th or 5th starter in detroit?
  11. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    I mean I certainly don't expect 22-4 again, but based on how he's pitched so far in ST, I think the breakthrough might be legit. It certainly won't be the dumpster fire his first yearin Boston was. He was pretty young when he got to the majors with DET, I think he just finally put it all together last year and is coming into his prime.
  12. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Kudos to Porcello for keeping his chin up when he was getting rocked around in Detroit and his first season with the Red Sox.

    I think he's real and will have a fantastic season...
  13. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

    with Price's elbow in question, you guys need all the healthy arms you can get.
  14. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    I look forward to the cries of "should've kept Buchholz" from the mediots the first time ERod, Wright, or Pomegranate has a lousy outing while Price is on the DL.

    So far at least, Rodriguez and Wright have pitched well, and Kyle Kendrick has had a strong spring, too. If keeping Price out the first 6-8 weeks really does mean he'll be fine the rest of the year, then they'll be OK. If he ends up missing a lot of time, things could get dicey, but I think they might have just enough depth to survive it. Any deeper than those guys, though, and we're in trouble...if anyone from the Brian Johnson/Henry Owens/Roenis Elias group is making more than a spot start, we're probably screwed.
  15. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

    u dog - elbows are tricky. my step-nephew was a star pitcher from the age of 10-15. after 2 non-tommy john surgeries on the shoulder and i think elbow, his arm was mush and he was toast at 15. the High School Football Coach was pissed bc he was going to be their starting QB too. Toast. He ended up playing CB and MLB for them instead. He never touched another baseball again.

    my point--he was a healthy 15 yr old and then he was done and out of the game in the same year. I wish the best for Price, but 6-8 weeks only is a generous estimate of how long he will be off.
  16. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    No doubt. Throwing a baseball really hard over and over is basically something the human arm was not designed to do. OTOH, Andrews and El Attrache did say he'd be OK, and they're not usually wrong. We'll see.
  17. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

    yep-a lot riding on his diagnosis for Red Sox Nation!!
  18. mattymcgee55 Legend Bruins

    Benny Biceps!
  19. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    Other than the rocky outing from Matt Barnes, that was about as good a start to the post-Papi era as you could've hoped for.
  20. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Flyers Eagles

    i read 3/4 of the sox have the flu and their rookie OF vomited in the 6th inning Saturday but went back out there bc many others can't play.

    chicken soup red sox, eat the soup!

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