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  1. steelersking Franchise Player Steelers

    Too early to tell the severity of the injury. Two different players, two different situations.
  2. beachbum M.V.P. Steelers

    So you have the Jags winning against he Seahawks and then @ Tennessee?
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  3. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Until we kick their ass they have all the right to talk.
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  4. SPress Franchise Player Patriots

    It's plausible.
  5. SPress Franchise Player Patriots

    Not even sure what that 1st part is suppose to mean. NESN sucks, but they do have the Sox an Bruins. The other regional station is better as far as the talking heads are concerned.

    As far as the second part. Off the top of my head they've beaten the Saints, Falcons, Bills, Chargers, and Raiders. All teams vying for playoff spots. Plus you can only play the schedule that is laid out before. I will say I know who has won the biggest game in the 2017 calander year. That game was played in Febuary.
    In the words of that great alcoholic Ric Flair
    "To be the man you gotta to beat the man"
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  6. steelersking Franchise Player Steelers

    In this case you gotta beat them twice. Or at least last...
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  7. steelersking Franchise Player Steelers

    Hoping those fishies can pull off another upset of the Pats this week...has happened before
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  8. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    In the words of that great alcoholic Ric Flair
    "To be the man you gotta to beat the man"

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  9. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    I'll count San Diego as a quality win, since (imo) they are better than their record (6-6). The NESN jab, was guessing the "local media was seeping in". All in jest, SPress.
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  10. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    It's Week 14 of the NFL season, and several teams are in position to potentially clinch division titles and playoff berths.

    Here's a complete rundown of this week's playoff-clinching scenarios, per NFL Research:


    NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (at Dolphins)

    - Clinch AFC East with win OR

    - Clinch AFC East with BUF loss


    - Clinch AFC North with win

    - Clinch playoff berth with BUF loss


    - Clinch playoff berth with win AND

    MIA loss, BUF loss, LAC loss, NYJ loss

    ELIMINATED: Cleveland Browns



    - Clinch NFC East with win OR

    - Clinch NFC East with DAL loss

    MINNESOTA VIKINGS (at Panthers)

    - Clinch NFC North with win OR

    - Clinch NFC North with losses by DET and GB

    LOS ANGELES RAMS (vs Eagles)

    - Clinch playoff berth with win AND

    CAR loss, ATL loss, GB loss, DET loss, DAL loss

    NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (at Falcons)

    - Clinch playoff berth with win AND

    CAR loss, DET loss OR

    CAR loss, DAL loss OR

    GB loss, DET loss

    ELIMINATED: San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, Chicago Bears
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  11. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    Roger Goodell signs 5-year contract extension through the 2024 season.
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  12. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    5 more years of bitching about him.
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  13. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    wow his reign is becoming like Bud Selig's...I can't wait till it ends.
  14. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Cleveland Browns...

    The Sashi Brown era in Cleveland is over.

    Brown, who ran Cleveland’s personnel department the last two years, was fired this morning, according to ESPN.

    The timing of the move comes as a surprise, but a front office shakeup was to be expected. The Browns have been the worst team in the NFL each of the last two seasons, and Brown decided to trade down rather than draft franchise quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. Moves like that are guaranteed to cost a G.M. his job.

    Now the question is where Browns owner Jimmy Haslam goes from here. The one thing Brown did well was acquire a lot of future draft picks, including two first-round picks and three second-round picks in 2018. So a good G.M. candidate may be eager to jump in and take over the Browns, thinking he can quickly turn things around with all that draft capital.

    On the other hand, the Browns have been such a mess for so long that some G.M. candidates may not be interested in working in Cleveland. After so many mistakes, Haslam has to make the right decision this time.

    Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said after firing G.M. Sashi Brown this morning that he will not also fire head coach Hue Jackson.

    In a statement released by the team, Haslam said he is committed to Jackson for another season.

    “We have great appreciation and gratitude for Sashi’s commitment and leadership to our organization but believe transitioning to someone with strong experience and success in drafting and building consistently winning football teams is critical to the future of the Cleveland Browns,” Haslam said. “Today we informed Sashi that we were going in a new direction. The 2018 draft and offseason is pivotal for our franchise, we need to ensure that we maximize our opportunity for success; with our picks, free agency and building our roster. Hue Jackson will remain our coach and will return for the 2018 season but we feel it is necessary to take significant steps to strengthen our personnel department. We have begun the process of having productive conversations regarding leadership of our football operations and will provide further updates when appropriate. We thank Sashi for all his hard work and dedication to the Cleveland Browns.”
  15. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Steelers announce Ryan Shazier had spinal surgery

    Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has undergone surgery as he continues treatment for a serious spinal cord injury suffered on Monday night.

    The Steelers announced today that Shazier had the surgery last night.

    “[University of Pittsburgh Medical Center] neurosurgeons and Pittsburgh Steelers team physicians Drs. David Okonkwo and Joseph Maroon performed spinal stabilization surgery on Ryan Shazier to address his spinal injury,” the Steelers’ statement said.

    Shazier was taken off the field on a stretcher and brought to a Cincinnati hospital. He was transferred to a Pittsburgh hospital before last night’s surgery.

    The Steelers have not released any information about whether Shazier has any movement in his legs, or whether he is expected to make a recovery.
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  16. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    The Bills' White is rightfully ticked that Gronkowski only got a 1-game suspension. If he hurt his neck this would be the Todd Bertuzzi incident all over again.
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  17. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    ^Joe -the Bertuzzi incident is as ugly and vile as it gets in the world of sports !
  18. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    That's what Gronk essentially did. Now the NHL takes injury and time away from the game into account for suspensions so even Bertuzzi wouldn't get way too long a suspension if Moore was okay right away but Gronk only getting 1 game is a joke. He should have at least gotten the rest of the regular season. 4 games.
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  19. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Joe the Enforcer!
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  20. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

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