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Discussion in 'North American Dynasty League' started by Tim, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    Congrats. I shat the bed.
  2. kyle In the Gym

    Good season man. Gurley was unbeatable this year no matter who you had.
  3. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    2017 North American Dynasty League Results


    Northern Conference Champion

    Southern Conference Champion

    Red Rock Division (NC) Winner

    Acadian Division (NC) Winner
    Meat Pies

    Death Valley Division (SC) Winner

    Everglades Division (SC) Winner
  4. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    North American Dynasty League 2018 Draft Order
    1. Gator Gars
    2. Mini Piazza's
    3. Hard Rockers
    4. 1 Guy 11 Cups
    5. Steel City Goons
    6. Honey Badgers
    7. Philadelphia Fire
    8. No Vaseline
    10. Blitz-Kreigers
    11. Meat Pies
    12. SealTeamRick
  5. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner


    Official start of the 2018 Season: March 1st
    You can begin to make roster cuts and finalize any trades that you may negotiate between now and then.
    All league dues must be paid by this date.

    Off-Season Roster Cut Deadline: March 31st
    Rosters must be brought down to the 30 player maximum by 11:59pm of the last day of March. Rosters do not have to be in starters compliance. IF YOU FAIL TO MAKE THE DEADLINE YOUR ROSTER WILL BE CUT DOWN TO 30. CUTS WILL BE MADE BY REMOVING PLAYERS IN THIS ORDER - PRACTICE SQUAD PLAYERS, SPTS, KICKERS, POSITION WITH THE MOST DEPTH.
  6. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    If any of you guys get into the draft and would like to participate in some mocks or get involved in the General Managers Office, be sure to post about it here or PM me so I can get you on the list!

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