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Discussion in 'North American Dynasty League' started by Tim, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Just a general discussion thread for league business.
  2. Tim Administrator Commissioner

  3. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    I thought I had that opening game, but the Enemy_Stogina nipped me by 5 points. Good game by him.

    I have 6 teams on FF and finished the week, 4-2... not a bad start.
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  4. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    There has been an amendment made to the rules -

    Inactivity Rule
    Any owner that fails to update their roster by keeping either injured players or players on a bye week in the starting line-up will receive one warning per season. After the initial warning, that franchise will lose their first round pick in the following draft and will be compensated a pick at the bottom of the second round. If an owner has two seasons with warnings for inactivity, the third infraction will be considered a previously warned offense and the rule will be immediately enforced. Exceptions to the rule have to be brought to the commissioner through the forum by private conversation or through email. Posting on the FleaFlicker board or posting in a forum thread will not be an accepted measure. Multiple injuries to the roster will be taken into consideration.

    If an owner is found to be inactive for 3 weeks in a season they will forfeit ownership of their team and will need to submit an application for league reinstatement.

    This rule was something that became necessary after having an owner leave not one, but several bye week players in their starting line-up.
  5. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Practice Squad - Week 5 Reminder
    All practice squad moves must be finalized by kickoff tonight (8:25pm ET). Any players on the PS will be ineligible to go to the active roster until after week 10 during the next period for activation.

    All regular practice squad rules apply.
  6. DerikG Potential Walk-On

    If players are deactivated to the taxi squad, rules state they can only be activated to your in weeks 5 and 10. However, can they be dropped from the taxi squad/roster altogether (to waivers/free agency)? If so, can another player currently rostered be deactivated to the taxi squad if it's not week 5 or 10?
  7. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I apologize for not getting back to you sooner on this, I've been away all day Derik.

    Yes, what you have written up is a legal PS move. Your simply bumping an active player down to the PS.
  8. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Two teams now have new owners.

    The former owner of the Hard Rockers gave up his franchise for personal reasons.

    The former owner of Enemy_Stogina was removed according to the inactivity rules.
  9. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I will be going with only one linebacker this week as I have two players that were ruled out this morning and one player that already played (Thursday night).
  10. DerikG Potential Walk-On

    Question regarding rookie draft order:

    The draft goes from worst to first (does not snake) and the previous seasons standings are set as follows -
    Non-playoff teams are all in the top half of the round (1-6) and are based upon record followed by tiebreakers.
    Playoff teams are all in the bottom half of the round (7-12) and based upon elimination followed by record followed by tiebreakers.

    If I'm reading this correctly, this means that non-playoff teams will possess the top 6 picks in a rookie draft. The determination of who has which pick is based upon record, from most to least wins (followed by tiebreakers). In other words, the non-playoff team with the best record will have the first overall pick. Is that interpretation correct?
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  11. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    It's the worst record with the top pick.

    The teams that do not make the playoffs possess the top 6 picks in ascending order from least wins. Playoff teams get the bottom 6 picks in order of elimination, with tie-breakers (typically record) deciding which eliminated team is seeded higher.

    As an example:
    Pick Team
    #1 Team A(2-10)
    #2 Team B(3-9)
    #3 Team C - eliminated first round of playoffs (8-4)
    #4 Team D - eliminated first round of playoffs (9-3)
  12. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    Reminder that the trade deadline is tonight according to our rules in the forums.
  13. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    Time to talk about the playoff picture.
    Also I don't think it was written down anywhere but the "Conferences" are the two top divisions and the bottom two divisions. For our purposes I will call then the Northern and Southern Conferences, or North and South.

    In the North the 3 playoff teams are set. No Vaseline, Blitz- Kreigers and Meat Pies. Meat Pies has won the Acadian Division and are locked into the wildcard game unless they win out and both No Vaseline and Blitz lose next week and Blitz beats No Vaseline in the finals week. Then it would go to points.

    Blitz and No Vaseline both still control their own destiny in the Red Rock Division, although depending on scores next week then Blitz may need to beat No Vaseline in week 13 by a certain amount of points.

    In the South now, Seal Team Rick missed an opportunity to win the Death Valley Division. 1 Guy 11 Cups has a chance to win on points for if they win out and Rick loses out. They play each other next week. In the Everglades Division, Philadelphia Fire control the easiest path to a bye but if they lose out and Hellcats wins out then Hellcats can take the division on points.

    Mighty Moks are already eliminated. Mini Piazza need to win out and have 1 Guy 11 Cups and HELLCATS lose out to make the playoffs. Every other scenario needs another week to sort things out before they are visited.

    The battle for most points is tight. Meat Pies leads but Blitz is only 38 points behind. Hellcats, No Vaseline and Honey Badgers are within striking distance.

    Mighty Moks currently hold the #1 overall pick but a win could give it to Mini Piazza, while 2 wins by Mok could have Hard Rockers get it.
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  14. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    If you see this BADWOLF then good riddance.

    Not that he'll read this anyways. He can't even read the rules.

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