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  1. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Nov.21 TFC vs Columbus

    Semi-Final Match

    Altidore and Giovenco out for TFC (not good).
  2. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Leg 1 semi-final scores yesterday.

    TFC 0 - Columbus 0

    Seattle 2- Houston 0

    Leg 2 Nov.29
  3. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    The tailgating is already underway.
  4. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Altidore!!! 1-0 TFC!!!
  5. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Win 1-0

    Seattle and Houston tomorrow.

    Most likely, next weeks finals

    Seattle vs TFC
  6. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    I would hate to lose to Seattle again. Last year the better team lost thanks to a scoreless game going to a shootout. Seattle looks more dangerous this year and Toronto needs to get the scoring going again. The USMNT broke our players.
  7. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Anything could happen, no way to call a soccer games final, all comes down to luck. Bradley and Altidore have an extra motivation to win now because of the USMNT failure.
  8. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Seattle seals the deal, 3-0 over Houston, setting up a Sunday afternoon supporters shield finals with TFC.
  9. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    I only watched part of that game, caught the part where the Houston player got sent off for mushing the guy's head into the turf and the announcers were losing their shit that it shouldn't've been a red. Looked pretty legit to me...IDK...I'd've given the two Seattle players yellows, too, though, honestly.
  10. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Houston must've been frustrated, they needed to win that game 3-0 to advance on aggregates, no chance that was happening. No tv broadcast here, plus, the PST start, just found out the final score this morning.
  11. Underdog Franchise Player Patriots

    I guess the controversy was that it was only called after the review. This clip shows the hit by the first Seattle guy which certainly should've at least been a DFK, and maybe even a yellow, then the Houston guys shoves his face in the ground, then the Seattle player you see coming into the picture right at the end gave the Houston guy a two hand shove in the back, which should've been a yellow at a minimum in my book.
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  12. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Terrible officiating, hope they're on the ball this sunday.
  13. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs


    Saturday Dec.9 in Toronto

    TFC vs Seattle Sounders

    4:00 pm BMO Field
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  14. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    good luck Toronto !
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  15. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Let's go TFC!
  16. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    BRILLIANT Passing by TFC from clearance to counter and Jozy gets Toronto on the board! 1-0 Toronto!
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  17. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    4 mins plus stoppage.
  18. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

  19. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Supporters Shield!!! MLS CUP!!!
  20. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

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