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Discussion in 'In The News' started by Catfish, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Louis CK was dropped by FX and Netflix! He had shows on both networks and news shows coming out on them as well.

    This is crazy. Like I said if i ever got famous, some girl i banged in college could come forward and say i attacked her. no one is safe. even if your innocent-woman may lie and get you in serious trouble.
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    It's bad when people can bring stuff up from years ago. It will be really hard to prove after such a long time. The ones that have the allegations piling up are probably guilty though.
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    Like I said, I usually side with the accuser. This shit is so rampant and widespread, it is culture. That is the REAL problem. Nearly every woman I know on a personal level has a similar story to tell. That knowledge alone is strong enough evidence for me.
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    yeah if more than 1 woman comes forward against someone like louis ck, h. weinstein etc, - yeah they're guilty, but this one time accusers are suspect to me.

    and corey feldman is an odd guy. i find it very hard to believe a 18 yr old Charlie Sheen, bf he went totally batshit crazy, raped and sodomized Corey Haim. Haim's own Mother said Sheen didn't touch her son. Sheen was a good looking popular up and coming actor. He actually was after a female co-star on the set of Lucas, so what the hell is he doing raping and sodomizing Corey Haim. I don't trust half the things Feldman says.
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    It's hard to tell with the Sheen thing. He was so fucked up and reckless back then, I guess he could've done something like that. From what I know about Charlie, he could go pretty far down the road of debauchery. I know Haim's mother just named some former 2-bit 80s actor as the perp. I don't disagree with Feldman and his attempt to expose the underbelly of Hollywood, but he needs to do this responsibly and be absolutely honest. Dire consequences are at stake.
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    but was Sheen crazy as a teen ? Not Sheen of the last 15 yrs? I don't buy it. I see a young Sheen in Lucas, Eight Men Out, Young Gun, Platoon, and Wall Street and have a hard seeing him raping young boys. Either he was hiding the fact that he was gay but portrayed he was a ladies man or Feldman is lying. And in 1985/86 AIDs was becoming a more speakable topic after Rock Hudson came out as being gay and dying of AIDs. I just don't see Sheen engaging in that type of sexual behavior. How old was he in Lucas ? 17? 18? Not buying it.
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    I remember when all the old time actors started coming out as gay. It was a flood of them just like the flood of sexual misconduct cases coming out now. These guys were gay before the gay movement was even a thought in the gay communities minds. What it really comes down to is that Hollywood is the scumbags of the earth. We thought they were doing Unicef commercials because they cared, when in reality they were doing it to try and ease their guilty consciences.
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    Well. Like I said, Charlie did some crazy shit throughout the years. He really was the "wild thing". Heidi Fleiss. Orgies. Cocaine. Sizemore. And he is HIV positive. I'm not saying its ALL related but... I'm quite certain that stroke he had back in the late 90s wasn't just a sudden thing. He was building up to that event with his lifestyle choices. I'm not criticizing the guy for his partying ways, I live in a glass house as well. Its hard for me to hand out passes, even if its just one person saying something happened. What if I was that ONE person and nobody believed me? It would make want to shut up and never speak of it again. That shit leads us back to square one. Gid is right, Hollywood is the true cesspool. I love how they've (mostly studio execs) always tried to glam it up with stars, stories and the glam living.
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    but halo the sheen you speak of is the sheen of the last 25 yrs or so, not when he was 17 or 18. you can clearly see a different person when he was younger than his older trouble making and headline making self. the late 1990's was almost a decade or more after Lucas. Corey Haim on the other hand was doing and using drugs from an early age. his photos are awful for a young kid. then he got chubby in his 20's and looked worse. then his 30's. that's what im saying about sheen. in Lucas, Platoon and even Wall Street, he was this fresh faced youngster - not a raving coke head like Haim was. I think Sheen aged and grew into a wacko over years of abuse. i don't think he was one at 17 or 18 when Lucas came out.
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    Elizabeth Perkins and Amber Tamblyn just pulled James Woods' card. He is denying any incidents.
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    i knew the Amber Tamblyn one from months ago. This will never end.
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    Six accusations against Bush 41 and a bunch of USA gymnasts dog-piling on the team doctor.

    This shit is making the clergy abuse scandal look like the toddler room at a day's gonna be easier to list the names of the people that aren't accused of sexual misconduct at this point.
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    Dr. Nassar is currently in jail. He's done.
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    Strange analogy, but point noted.
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    one of my favorites. i couldn't resist.
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    Did Feldman name Sheen? I know a friend of Haim's did but I didnt think Feldman had named him. Anyways Haim's mother said it was not sheen and named another.

    As for Louis CK after the Women came out he himself came foreward and said he acted in an inappropriate manner.

    Someone mentioned it would be hard to prove with so much time gone by and that is true but a lot of it would be hard to prove had it come out the day after it happened as well. Sure if there was a rape and the victim goes to the hospital you have evidence but even then you still have to prove it went down as the victim stated. Sexual assault and rape cases are brutal with the victim often being put on trial even more so than the accused. This is one of the reasons women (and men) do not come forward sooner (combined with the fact many of them feel guilty and shame and a host of other feelings that they shouldnt have).

    Now one problem (IMHO) that needs to be addressed it teaching the difference between sexual harassment, sexual assault and nothing. Some of the women coming out have said they were sexually assaulted when all that happened is the offender asked them to take their clothes off. Now Im not saying that is okay or right that is not a sexual assault. For an example of nothing a woman (not going to bother to look her name up) said she went to a hotel room to practice lines with Steven Segal and he had a gun. She didnt say anything other than he had a gun. Not he had a gun and tried to cower me into sex or he threatened me with a gun just he had a gun.

    Many of these stories need to be told and should have come out ages ago. Its a dirty little secret that honestly was not a secret at all. Perhaps by attaching names and faces to victims and offenders something will be done.
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    Jean-i thought Feldman named Sheen. There's a weird history of Haim's mother and Sheen too and shouting matches etc. I just don't think a 17 or 18 yr old Charlie Sheen was raping Corey Haim. He wasn't the whacked out Charlie Sheen we know now. That doesn't mean he could've kept his dark side secret, but I just find it hard to believe and an actress from Lucas is now saying Sheen was after her inappropriately on the movie set, so that is the SHeen I am thinking of...a horny teenager after teenage GIRLS, not a 14 year old Corey Haim!

    Louis CK said and admitted he got naked and jerked off with those women in his hotel room. that's a crime? i guess so. Last year, all the Golden Globe, SAG, and Oscar speeches were bashing Trump, well this year, they better be against the predators and perverts praying on young actors and actresses out there like Weinstein!
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