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    ^^ problem Red is this league has been unlimited for a long time. restrict it and owners complain. im in 2 other leagues where the adds are 6 a week and 3. the one with 3, the entire league complained this was too few of them. the commish refused to change it.
  2. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    I'm not Red, BUT...

    Too many injuries these days to have restrictions on the add/drops. If I'm comish of a Fantasy League, add/drops would be unlimited. After all, everybody has access to the Waiver Wire... I don't see an issue there.
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    Will, Red was the last poster bf I commented.

    many people i spoke too are indifferent about this. then the other loser of the semi-finals chimed in. he said 1 sentence. he said " i was the better team on paper and by record and lost to a team that was quickly thrown together in the last few days to beat me."

    people feel you play your roster. look at this league - was there 10-20 adds by the semi-final teams or finalist? no. you played with the majority of what you had. you didn't go for the cheap win of adding players for fast stats like stolen bases or starts. you played out your roster. you didn't lessen it with quick, cheap adds.

    but there was no rule against it, so it's over with.
  4. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    I drafted a decent lineup... I used the WW plenty because of injuries. I'm just not understanding the gripe you and others have about an owner using the WW frequently, that's all.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with what he did. If he was able to use the WW to bolster his lineup and win, all the power to him. Those of you who stood by and watched instead of participating yourselves, lost, period.
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    it doesn't matter now Will. some feel your way and some don't.
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