Kiss My Ass SD !!!

Discussion in 'Los Angeles Chargers' started by Sour Cabbage, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Sour Cabbage Dick Head

  2. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    lol, I had to quote that...

    Nice win for KC.

    Does this mean they are getting back to where they should or is this more about SD falling back to earth?
  3. Sour Cabbage Dick Head

    LOL....Thanks buddy.
    It's about KC being a tough team to beat, they have been playing hard and together, with the exception of week one. Bob Sutton has that defense attacking and they're fucking fast.

    Edit: Brian should have them in the top ten this week.
  4. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    For the people that were down on the Dee Ford selection, looking back on the draft, do you believe it was a good pick?
  5. Sour Cabbage Dick Head

    I was down on the Ford selection and still am. The guy has athletic skillz n chit but is not very bright.

    So no, as of now it wasn't.

  6. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I think long term that will turn out to be a solid pick.
  7. Sour Cabbage Dick Head

    I hope so. I am also hoping KC gets both Houston and Hali signed to long term extensions. Those two are awesome.
  8. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    If you can wrap up Houston and Hali, with Ford in the wings and a later round pick next season at OLB you will be able to rotate rushers and cause a shit ton of havoc off the edge.
  9. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see it did it really fall? If you come and spout off on a team board and they don't have any fans to read it did you really rub anything into their face?
  10. Sour Cabbage Dick Head

    And you expect a retard like myself to be able to answer that ?

  11. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Yes I do?

    By the way, WTF are the Charger's fans?
  12. firehalo M.V.P. Penguins Steelers

    they all left when Stan Humphries retired.
  13. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Only a Steelers fan would remember the name 'Stan Humphries'. ;)
  14. jazznbluz Franchise Player Ravens

    I was thinking it was after John Hadl retired.
  15. firehalo M.V.P. Penguins Steelers

    Thank you and touche'
  16. firehalo M.V.P. Penguins Steelers

    Look, I know that nobody really gives 2 shits about the Chargers around here, but proper is proper... the helmet logo.
  17. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I'm a busy man Frank, one that gets easily sidetracked...
  18. firehalo M.V.P. Penguins Steelers

    I know TIm. I'm impressed with all the shit you take care of here at L4SN ... AND holding down a "regular-ish" job.
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