Jackson on botched Bell tackle: 'Thought he was out'

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    Jackson on botched Bell tackle: 'Thought he was out'
    Patra, Kevin

    Cincinnati Bengals corner William Jackson says he thought Le'Veon Bell was out of bounds and didn't want to "late-hit" the Steelers running back.

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    From my time as a younger man that was known to make an excuse or two... and to quote a much older and much wiser man...

    "Well, that's twice you thought today..."
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    I didn't see the play, but this has been an issue since the late hit rule was enforced so strictly along the sidelines. I've seen runners get at least a few yards, and sometimes much more, out of tip-toeing along the sidelines, despite there being a defender there. As a defender, you can't go to make a real tackle, or you risk being called for a late hit, if the guy stepped out. But, if you just try and shove the ballcarrier out, you run the risk of them continuing up the sidelines. Players often elect to make no contact, which usually ends up worse.

    The NFL guaranteed offenses extra yardage with their enforcement of this rule. This is one of the many times it rears its head.
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    New footage from the Le'Veon Bell-Cam on MNF:
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