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Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by Kid, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Kid M.V.P. Official Ravens

    Is Perriman still on his rookie contract next year? If so and it's not the option year, then he might stay just for a cheap body. Campanaro should always be released because he's never on the field. I never count him among the WR group anyway because of this. On a vet minimum deal, Webb is a fine addition to the team as long as he doesn't have to cover anyone. He already admitted he was done this offseason and thought he was just going to be a player tutor anyway, so I don't think he even believes he has much left.
  2. Tenacious Faulk M.V.P. Ravens

    I agree with much of this. Wallace had some bad drops, but that's not the only reason for his lack of production this year. He sid have a 1100 yards with Joe last year and Maclin has taken many of his snaps and looks. I guess they could make the argument that the drops merit a low contract, but he may also test the market too. Wet is a sad case. Love the homegrown player story, but he has been underwhelming as a starter allowing himself to become vulnerable during his long recovery. Collins, Allen and perhaps Dixon could be the future. Dixon has been a wild card though not being able to stay healthy or out of trouble. He could be in a similar boat as West. Webb is at that point where retiring would be best. If he has admitted he is virtually done and is assuming a DB mentoring role than maybe it will be a timely and amicable split/retirement. Young, Canady, Carr and Hill will all compete here. Might as well make room.

    I agree on this one. Camp could just be in "perfect situation" to save his job for another year. He'll get another chance to show he can stay healthy and be productive. The latter is always predicated on the first for him and his versatility helps.

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