Hollywood Scumbag Harvey Weinstein... Outed and Ousted!

Discussion in 'In The News' started by firehalo, Oct 10, 2017.

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    women coming out of the woodwork now with claims he forced them to give him blowjobs or he went down on them when they were brought to his private hotel room. wow.
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    Hope they throw the book at him and he never sees another day of freedom.
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    ^^ i saw the Burton clip (unless it's the wrong one) I don't see him touch her left boob at all. She's saying she was a "kid." She was 21. And it's funny as she is 36 married to a 51 yr old. Her husband was in High School when she was born! So easy on the kid reference.
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    I guess there's a "thought context" to what she said. As a 36 yr old, I would look at 21 yr old me and say "kid" too. Maybe as a more mature person, she would've handled it better when the incident happened. Typically, I'll stand on the side of an accuser versus the other way simply because the real incidents of sexual battery outweigh the false claims. Most women's complaints get "mansplained" away or ignored. As a young 21 yr old female in the midst of Ben Affleck (Hollywood celebrity, she was a "nobody"), I can see how she would react in that situation and also now regret that her stance wasn't stronger back then. Her current relationship to an "older" man has ZERO bearing on what happened to her 15 years ago.
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    ^^halo i never said it had any bearing on it, just think it's kind of funny.

    i don't think a 21 yr old who can vote, drive and drink is a kid.

    odd that she comes out now with this after rose mcgowan also had claims on affleck, after he voiced displeasure over weinstein. when it rains, it pours.
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    Powerful people looking after each other. Apparently, Damon and Affleck were used to work their influence to snuff a piece on Weinstein about a decade ago. Seth McFarlane, back in 2013, made a joke at the Oscars about Weinstein and actresses (now these 5 women - nominees - can stop pretending they like Harvey Weinstein). Notice he didn't include Harvey's brother Bob in that joke. Rose McGowan received a $100K settlement with a NDA for the Sundance incident back in 97, and so did several other women. Weinstein is a Hollywood guy with ties all over the place including other media companies (NBC and others) that could receive a "financial black-eye" over this stuff. Ronan Farrow (Mia Farrow's son) is not only an attorney, but he's an investigative reporter at NBC. He had this story all set and prepared to release it, but NBC balked. Weinstein is tied to NBC/Universal via money. They backed at least 2 of his biggest movies, including Inglorious Basterds. NBC said, "no" on the Harvey story, so Ronan Farrow (now pissed off) took the story to The New Yorker. They ran it and here we are.
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    Cat, here's is Heather Graham explaining why she didn't speak up earlier (nearly a decade ago) about her Harvey Weinstein experience. He implied that she would have to have sex with him for her to get into one of his movies. Just wanted to put this perspective out there, since most of us here are men and we cannot always easily see through their eyes.
    The question — and this is not an excuse — is what defines sexual harassment in the workplace? He didn’t explicitly offer a trade — sex for work — even though I knew that was what he was implying. And I hadn’t gone to his hotel. I know this is an inner dialogue many women have — it’s part of what’s holding so many of us back from sharing our stories. We don’t want to be attacked for reading into something that may or may not have been there. We don’t want to be looked at as weak for not being able to handle ourselves in a business run by men. We don’t want to lose work by being defined as a Difficult Woman. We don’t want to be the first or only voice in the room.
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    halo - here is more of what heather graham said ...
    so since she never had sex with him, he never cast her in any of his movies. wow. blackballing at it's finest.
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    Dude is a scumbag and he has ties ALL OVER THE PLACE. His associations have so many people dodging bullets. He's tied to so many "liberal" Hollywood people and he's even tied to Bannon financially. It's a mess. (Hopefully) This will also lift the lid off the "kiddie-sex-ring" that Corey Feldman has been talking about for years. This train is on fucking fire and I'm gonna watch it!
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    yeah im still waiting on the ring leader of the Corey Feldman thing to be outed !
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    Big bad-ass mo-fo Terry Crews was groped (dick grab) at a party by a movie executive (a man). Crews' wife was standing RIGHT THERE when it happened.
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    crews is 1 guy i wouldn't wanna mess with. although he was funny as hell in Lip Sync Battle vs Mike Tyson.
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