Hell in the Cell

Discussion in 'Pro Wrestling' started by Catfish, Oct 9, 2017.

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    wow! for a SD show, it was one helluva show! Best ppv in a long ass time!

    TAG TEAM Match was down right awesome. very brutal. as brutal and violent a match as i have seen in many years. may be the nastiest ever! a lot of keno sticks broken. trapping the 1 Uso with keno sticks was brilliant. throwing a chair at Woods on top of the turnbuckle was awesome. just a great match. should be match of the year. A++. The 1 Uso was really hurt afterwards. That flying move messed up his forearm badly.

    TRIPLE THREAT FOR US TITLE - SOLID MATCH. They don't use Corbin correctly but he's a solid heel. Good movies by all 3 guys. Nice result at the end.

    Orton - Rusev was ok. Orton is Orton and does the same moves every match. boring.

    Women's title match - wow. Natty getting more evil and nasty. Charlotte couldn't pull out a win. Surprised there. Still feel she's getting the shaft being second fiddle on SM and Bliss being Champ on RAW.

    No idea why Ziggler-Rude was second to last match. Decent action.

    Mahal-Nakamura-solid match. shocked nakamura didn't win the title. when is this fraud mahal going to lose? decent action but not enough from either guy. Like a Cena match. Just not enough big moves here.

    Hell in the Cell - for a long time, the match was boring until they got on top of the cage. wow. great action. shane looked like he hurt his elbow on that leap off the top rope to kicking the trashcan. i knew owens was going through the 1 table. and he pulled himself away off the table when shane jumped off the cage. he didn't need sami zayn. no idea why that stiff got involved. shane is crazy. he's not a wrestler but does what daddy wants. wow. not too many corporate execs willing to do what shane does for the company. great match. A++
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  3. ravens_R_#1 M.V.P. Ravens

    Okay, I'm late but is this actually worth watching? If so, I'll check it out this week (and I'm not reading any spoilers until I do lol)
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    ^^oh i would but have your fast forward on. haha. the tag team, the aj styes match, and the finale are well worth watching Ravens. i wouldn't steer you wrong.

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