Disgusted yet ?????

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by SoCalSaint, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. SoCalSaint Franchise Player Saints

    One TD and four, FOUR FGs. Then give up 470+ yards and expect to win. Where's my damn paper bag. I'm not holding out much hope for this season. I think that Rob is going to be looking for a job in January. Can you tell I'm pissed beyond words ??????
  2. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    I picked the Saints to lose, but I did expect a lot different of a game.

    It could very well be that Rob Ryan is the worst play caller in the history of defensive coordinators.

    If I'm the GM, he would have been fired immediately after the game and one of the position coaches would have been named DC.

    It might seem like a knee jerk reaction but based on how last season finished and looking at how this one started, it looks like removing him from the sidelines is a necessity.
  3. archie Draft Eligible

    You should stop by the porch early in the week. Paper bags go for around $180. The price goes up a little as the week goes on.

    If this is the type of football we have to endure all season there will be nary a sober moment...
  4. SoCalSaint Franchise Player Saints

    Sounds good. I'm in. Looking at last year, the schedule, and last Sunday. I'm having a hard time trying to convince myself the this is even an 8-8 team. I hope that I'm wrong but,,,,,,,, that's what I said last year.

    I saw your name in the Pick'em contest. How did week 1 treat you ????
  5. BFRLA Franchise Player Saints

    I'm expecting the Saints to win Sunday like they're supposed to against the Buccs. If they don't then it doesn't look so good this year.
  6. SoCalSaint Franchise Player Saints

    No doubt, we'll win the game. At least we have an offense. Vegas has us by 10. Sounds about right. 51-41 Saints.
  7. firehalo M.V.P. Penguins Steelers

    Coffee almost went up my nose.
  8. FortheLulz In the Gym

    yes, i'm disgusted. i'm a lions fan.
  9. AxeMurderer Legend Cowboys

    Ditto. I'm disgusted my 'Boys actually lost the Saints.
  10. BFRLA Franchise Player Saints

    I sense there is a smiley in there
  11. AxeMurderer Legend Cowboys

    There wasn't, but there should have been. Game against the Titans aside, Saints aren't anywhere near as bad as I initially perceived them to be.
  12. SoCalSaint Franchise Player Saints

  13. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

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