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Discussion in 'Chicago Cubs' started by Tim, Jun 22, 2015.

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    Well, overall it was a very surprising and enjoyable year, except for the NLCS =P

    The Mets are playing out of their minds at the moment however, and the Cubs do have some holes which reared their ugly head in the series, notably 4 rookies starting showing their inexperience and lack of gameplay in certain defensive positions (Schwarber), as well as weak starting pitchers after Lester and Arrieta.

    Still, lots to look forward to over the next few years. A top of the line SP or two added to the staff, a couple potentially good prospects still left in the farm system, as well as seeing the 4 rookies this year develop.
  3. M.I.A. Unknown Soldier Falcons

    Congrats, Cub fans on the fantastic season. I was rooting for them, too. After all we did get Maddux from you guys. *DRINK*
  4. FortheLulz In the Gym

    great season, quite a welcome change of pace i'm sure. keep building on it *THUMBSUP*
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    Cubs got A. Chapman! Pulling out all the stops now to the WS.
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    Kyle Hendricks nearly pulls off a no-hitter versus the hated Cardinals the other night. Lester shuts them out.

    MAGIC NUMBER is now 1.

    Play off bound and ready to roll everyone in their path this season.

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    Cubs are now WS Champions.

    I guess my prediction of 2016 as to when they would be extremely competitive was spot on, versus Boyd who said it would be at least 2021 before that happened.

    I'll bet no props will still go to Theo as to how to build a team. Yep! Lets live in the Hendry days forever. Someone who couldn't even buy a Cubs win in the playoffs in 07' and 08'.

    Theo showed the world why he is a surefire HOF'er.

    Also this is to Patg006.

    Not a slam, but just curious if you still think that Kyle Hendricks is Randy Wells 2.0? He has pitched remarkably great, and really good under pressure in the playoffs.

    I feel they got a steal for Ryan Dempster. Hind sight of course, and he is owed a whopping 545K for his services.

    Not all have been great acquisitions, but just another quality pick up for players that weren't a part of this team moving forward.

    Great job Cubs from top to bottom. Way to show the world what a first class organization you are.

    I can finally die a happy man. ;)
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    Congrats to the Cubs - 108 years is WAY too long to wait for a title.
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    Cubs just won the WS an the first thing you do (after not posting for over a year) is come here and write an "I told you so" post?

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    and you wonder why people hate cubs fans...
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