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    "in a recent 2014 draft redo, I saw that he'd be picked fourth based on his NHL stats" (I added emphasis to my original comment to put it more clearly in my intended context).

    I was surprised to see him slotted at #4 (actually he was in a tie for 4/5 with Larkin; 1-3 were Ekblad, Draisaitl, Pastrnak). But, they based this on actual stats. Actual stats can surprise sometimes; Reinhart has put up better numbers than he's generally given credit for; stats also do not tell the full story. He was not drafted for his speed but for his "hockey iq". It's debatable, even dubious, that that was a valid reason for taking him #2, but he still is very young with a lot of upside remaining. Mostly that "upside" is based on having failed to actually deliver on his expected performance. Sam's problem is that he looks dependent on great linemates (i.e., Jack), and that shouldn't be the case with a guy with hockey iq. He should be the one improving the play of those around him.

    He is clearly not succeeding in the environment he's in. They either have to quickly change that environment, or they need to trade him.
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    I would not be surprised in the least bit if Gionta is brought back to the Sabres after the deadline. They're likely to move a few current players on the team, and their stated objective is to develop slowly in Rochester. They do not want to bring players up to replace those players. They'll have to fill some vacancies and Brian may be ideal.

    One advantage is that he is a local guy and he wants to play in the Sabres org.; BUF may be the most appealing landing spot for him. In a year or so I expect he'll move into coaching.
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    2018: The Summer of Swapping Sams (?)
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    Even stats-wise Reinhardt is behind Ehlers and Nylander, forget the eye test he’s way back. Brayden Point is the one really putting up numbers now, in a nice cushy roster spot though.
    But I think your point is valid either way Dan, SR has value and isn’t as bad as many fans think he is. Same is true for Bennett and that’s why a trade like that could benefit both teams. 2 real high picks from the same draft that could both use a fresh start.
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    Makes sense Gionta coming back to Buffalo. Behind the bench too, that guy has that leadership quality we were talking about earlier in spades.

    On a semi-Gionta related note I think the US team is going to get crushed at the Olympics.
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    First game satuday, let's go scrivy!!!

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