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    Obviously making the playoffs for the first time in a millennium was a good sign of progress. The new GM and HC cannot be accused of being timid with all the personnel moves they made.

    The chose to let Gilmore walk. They traded Ragland, Watkins, Darby, and Darius. As a result, the team is stoked with draft picks. It appears as though some addition-by-subtraction helped the team. They were also a more focused team compared to the shoot-ourselves-in-the-foot sloppiness under Rex.

    There are still a lot of unanswered questions about if and how they'll continue to progress this offseason and into 2018.

    Obviously QB is a major question. The team has seemed hellbent in telling Tyrod Taylor that he is not their guy. He's signed for next year, but very well may be released before a $6MM roster bonus kicks in. With #20 & 21 the team cannot expect an elite QB in the draft, but they could certainly tab their QB of the future and then seek a temporary solution. I do not expect them to play in the silly money & term that K. Cousins will command. I'm thinking of one of the excess Vikings signal callers as the way they'll look.

    The O & D are both in need of quite a bit of repair, but nothing that a boatload of well-scouted draft selections cannot address.

    On the D-line I'm hoping Kyle Williams has been energized by his first ever playoff game and wants to come back. But I certainly expect the team to draft d-line early. They will also probably look to add at LB.

    Suddenly the O-line has become a pressing need with the unfortunate retirement of Eric Wood. My only consolation for how his stellar career ended is that it culminated in his one-and-only postseason tilt.

    There are a lot of questions. But there's genuine justification for optimism. With a savvy front office and a steady coaching staff, a team can turn things around quickly. Add around 10 picks (4 in the top 64) and they have the ammo to get this done. If they make the right moves.

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