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    Yeah, you're right. Werenski and Marner; that's what I think he was trying for - or should have been trying for. Can you imagine getting both of them in one draft?
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  2. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    The problem is that now reporters are starting to question him and he doesn't want to look like he gave into them out of pride. He has to show everybody that he's the boss, the $8M coach.
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    There’s definitely pros and cons to keeping lines intact. As Will pointed out it allows players to get comfortable with one another and build trust, on the other hand it could allow players to get a little too comfortable and their play might get stale. Also doesn’t necessarily give players opportunities they might not normally get- bottom 6F getting a shot at offensive opportunities for example or the opportunity to see if they can gel with more skilled guys.Keeping players on edge a little bit keeps them a bit more honest I think and switching up lines can do that.

    It’s one of those individual decisions in individual scenarios I think. There’s no real right or wrong I don’t think, every situation is unique. My junior coach would switch up the lines all the time and it drove me crazy back then. I get it now. Lol, he shoulda kept me on a line with this kid Luke Fulgham, he could fly out there.
  4. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    This makes the bottom six fight for minutes, internal competition is a good thing.
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  5. mattymcgee55 Legend Patriots Bruins

    Agreed, don’t let anyone get too comfortable. The truly elite shouldn’t even have to worry anyway.

    Sometimes players just work so well together though. Bergeron and Marchand are the prime example.
  6. skinny123 Legend Maple Leafs

    Matthews has nobody to pass to, I grew up watching sittler and mcdonald do magic together, shutt and lafleur, the french connection, crown line.
  7. mattymcgee55 Legend Patriots Bruins

    Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin each scored 11 goals for the Bruins as a rookie.Danton Heinen and Jake Debrusk both have 11 goals half way through this season.

    *Kessel/Seguin were 18 years old, Heinen/Debrusk a few years older.
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    Danton's been good since I first "scouted" him. Scoring big with a third rounder can really boost an organization.
  9. mattymcgee55 Legend Patriots Bruins

    That 2014 draft was a grand slam.
    Pastrnak 1/25, Donato 2/56, Heinen 4/116, Bjork 5/146.
    Donato really could be something. Real silky kinda like Debrusk, Donato could make Vatrano a goner.
    He should be part of the next wave of Fs with JFK, Zach Senyshyn, maybe Trent Frederic in a year or 2.
    pretty good D prospects with Lauzon, Zboril, O’gara, Lindgren, Vaakanainen.
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    I really hoped that Zboril would drop to the top of the second for the Sabres. Sweeney took him higher than most expected, but so what if he becomes a dependable blueliner for you?
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  11. mattymcgee55 Legend Patriots Bruins

  12. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings Manager

    Tuuka didn't take kindly to the benching he got prior to busting out his current streak.

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