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    EJ Gaines is now hurt.
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    In the last few years it cannot be claimed that the Bills were particularly bad at drafting. They built an impressive roster of talent.

    The team has had such a round robin of personnel in the FO and at coaching, that they've never been able to establish that talent in a coherent sense. So, the Bills invested a 2nd for Reggie Ragland in 2016, (probably an excellent value as he was projected as a 1st rounder). However, the new coach comes in with a complete change in defensive scheme, and Reggie looked lost. So, the Bills trade him to KC for a 4th; they recover some value vs. and outright release. But turning 2nds into 4ths makes the team poorer. They saw a similar diminished return for Sammy Watkins.

    The reason that the Bills have been spinning their wheels at +/-1 .500 football for the last few seasons is because they don't know how to build a team in a consistent fashion. They're lurching around and they suck for it. This year they may get out of their rut and really break out - no, not another 7-9 or 8-8 season! This year the Bills may finish 3-13.
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    Almost had it.

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