Bears vs Packers Must Win Game Thread

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by blang84, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Go Bearsssss Franchise Player Bears

    This team is such trash. I somehow managed to watch the game but I'll probably just stick to box scores and Trubisky highlights until Fox gets fired.

    We were outcoached on Sunday, plain and simple. Lots of players fucked up, I think losing Trevathon hurts our defense an immeasurable amount both for his "quarterbacking" of the defense as well as his skill as an individual player.

    But even with all of that, we were the better team on the field Sunday and Fox and Friends just got completely and utterly outcoached by Capers and McCarthy. We were so undisciplined it was painful, and there is no excuse for not stopping the run better against that Packers offensive unit.

    Fox Sucks, Loggains Sucks, Fangio is a mixed bag, I dont even fucking know who our special teams coach is but he sucks.

    Fire everyone and bring in Dave Toub to be our HC or something. Ugh.
  2. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    Fox is an idiot. And cost us the game.

    Loggains proved that he does have more of a play-book other than run-run-pass this week.

    When you look at the game, the turning point was that fumble at the goal line. But there were also another 2 or 3 plays that really hurt (Cohens drop, Inmans drop, Fuller dropping a sure INT)

    I am not ready for whole-sale changes yet. But Fox definitely needs to be put out to pasture.
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  3. Mackladder Home Town Favorite Bears

    Loggains proved that he does have more of a play-book other than run-run-pass this week.

    I believe that they ran 9 out of 12 times on first down , taking the last drive out of the mix not sure that is proving anything other than run, run , pass ... I feel like you can call out the plays from the couch most of the time.
  4. bigrobo876 Franchise Player Bears

    Fox is done. Fangio doesn’t need his help with the defense and the offense isn’t good enough. Loggains was a bad hire. Liked it at the time but was dead wrong. Yes they did open it up a bit more this past game but Loggains has shown to be shit at calling a game. Never any rhythm. Never seems to come into a game with a plan to attack the opposing defense. Hopefully the training wheels continue to come off and Trubisky gets some good experience before the new regime is brought in.

    It’s on Pace now to bring in the right HC that can take the offense to NFL level without going backwards with the defense.
  5. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    WHY are these guys dropping the ball?
  6. tunafat Franchise Player Bears

    Simple because they wear blue and orange, theys Chicago Bears
  7. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    It's inexcusable. They're surrounded by complete idiots in coaching staff and they can't get their shit together on the field better than that?

    I'm disgusted with all of this.
  8. EvertonBears Franchise Player Bears

    Yes, they had a bad game, Fangio had a bad game, but you seem to want to pass judgement based on 1 bad game this season. And maybe one cherry picked bad game last season too I guess. That is pointless and personally I'm not doing it. Do you think the Defense has gotten better under Fangio? Cos I know it has. The eye test says that and the stats sure as hell do. I already mentioned the D's ranking this season in y/pg & p/pg(even after sundays shitshow). Last year the D ranked 16th & 24th for y/pg & p/pg respectively. They have clearly gotten better. Which DC should the Bears have signed instead last offseason who could make that D more better? Name.

    This D actually ranks in the top10 in a host of metrics, such as sacks(7th), pass D(10th), red zone Defense(8th) and opponent 3 & outs(5th). They were just inside the top10 for run D until sunday. Now are we ready for the zinger? The Bears D ranks 26th in the league for average starting field position. The team is losing the field position battle every week. The D is regularly defending a shortened field. They've won TOP like ONCE! And they're still putting up those numbers.

    Speaking of the Offense, just a few interesting stats on them. 29th in p/pg, 29th in y/pg. They rank 31st in passing Offense. They also lead the league in runs for loss and 3 and outs. Put that together with being 29th in turnovers....... how the FUCK is anyone supposed to field an elite Defense with that "help" on the other side of the ball?! They're going up against a stacked deck every damn week.

    This btw has been achieved by a 3-4 Defense with 1 OLB worth a crap, at least 1 permanently missing ILB, 0 #1CB and chumps like Marcus fucking Cooper trying to walk in INT's from the 20. Fangio has also been given just 2 defensive draft picks taken in the first 2 rounds in 3 years versus 4 for the O, and ton of FA's who were given "prove it" deals for a reason. Shit it might be miraculous!

    Turnovers are the big Achilles Heel of this unit. We all know they aren't getting enough, and I don't think Fangio has done enough to try to instil a turnover creating mentality in his players ie swarming to the ball/ripping or punching it out etc. Fangio also had Christian Jones calling the D on sunday which I would never recommend cos it just ruins him as a player. And the rest of em too.

    Fangio isn't the best DC in the entire league. He's probably not elite either. Ok. But I still think he is very good overall and honestly don't know who else would've made a hugely noticeable impact over what he has achieved. People have very short memories sometimes.....

    I don't know if you can get rid of Fox without cleaning everybody, and if that's the price them I'm gonna have to reluctantly pay it cos Fox has to go. But given the choice right now I'm keeping Fangio. And I'm def keeping Ed Donatell cos what he's done with the shitbirds in that secondary is pretty amazing.
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  9. Go Bearsssss Franchise Player Bears

    I would also keep Fangio if I could, but it seems to me that its more likely we lose him in the event Fox goes. Its a shame but if thats true it is what it is, Fox is a turd and has no business coaching this team.
  10. blang84 Franchise Player Bears

    Had the defense looked that bad against say, the Saints, I'd be less pissed. That it came in a game against our archrivals, a game we had to win, and we saw an unprepared, undisciplined unit led by a coordinator who did not adjust in-game nor play to the strengths of the guys he had available on the field. Yes, some games are more important than others. Sunday was such a game. The entire coaching staff shit the bed and weren't helped out by the guys on the field.

    The games in which they have played well this season are a credit to Fangio and I don't take that away from him. Until Sunday they seemed to start to figure out how to produce turnovers after 2 straight years of failing to do that. Why did that take so long? Some of that has to be on Fangio. Right? Lovie preached turnovers every minute of every day and look at the results. Maybe Fangio does the same but the results aren't there. They don't seem to be looking for the turnover like Lovie's D did.

    What about player development? Pernell McPhee has not progressed a bit in 3 injury-plagued seasons. Fangio hasn't made him better. Leonard Floyd? Flashes here and there but no consistency and occasionally still drops into coverage. Why? It's time we start seeing massive progress from him. Kyle Fuller? His up and down season doesn't help Fangio's case there.

    It's year 3 and I don't think we've seen enough out of the D top to bottom to say that Fangio is the right guy, from his failure to adjust in game to lack of development to failure to show up in big games. I've seen enough. Sure I'm reacting to Sunday's loss but this is my position and I will hold it until he is gone along with the rest of the staff.
  11. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    Hmm..... Dropped back to pass 40 times. Handed off 17

    Your math isn't working on the "run, run, pass" theory.
  12. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    They lack experience and talent. Can you show them the proper way to hold balls? I've heard you're very experienced.
  13. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears


    Bite me.
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  14. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    So I haven't been very present in this forum of late. I didn't even watch the game on Sunday and it wasn't because I was having a blast ripping around on the motorcycle either.

    My dog is dying (she hasn't eaten anything at all in 5 days) so I'm just waiting to see if I have to make the call today. We have a great mobile vet who can come out here to administer a needle which would be the least invasive for her.

    Anyway I just thought I'd let you know that's what I've been doing instead of screaming at the Bears.
  15. Bear-man 11 Franchise Player Bears

    That sucks, sorry to hear it. Losing a dog is always very tough.
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  16. blang84 Franchise Player Bears

    Sorry to hear that Baby.
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  17. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    Thanks Bear-man and blang. I hesitated in interrupting the flow of the thread with this news but at the same time I felt like I should put in an appearance and give y'all an explanation as to my whereabouts.
  18. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    Sorry to hear about your doggie.
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  19. Mackladder Home Town Favorite Bears

    I can't say that I have access to all of the plays that were ran but I heard on CSN Monday night that that prior to the last drive they ran it 9 out of 12 when it was first down so that has nothing to do with the total throws / runs etc .
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  20. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    Did they say what they did on 2nd and 3rd downs?

    Because Mitch threw for almost 300 yards. My guess is "run, run, pass" wasn't how he accomplished that...

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