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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by mainwolf, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. mainwolf Wolfgang Bears

    Bears suck…

    Any Questions?!
  2. EvertonBears Franchise Player Bears

    You know, i stopped by around the start of the 2nd Q and saw there wasn't even a game thread. I can't remember a game with no game thread going all the way back to the start of the CBS days. Like 10years or something. I thought that was really sad. But know what? You reap what you sow, and this is what the Bears have sown.

    Notice how they weren't even booed off the field at the end? Thats cos there were hardly any Bears fans left and what were, were prob too numb to it all to even get mad. Thats where we're at with this team. A 1 win team can come in, outplay you and win, and no one even gets mad anymore.

    The situation is beyond fucked.

  3. BearsWillWin Herodotus Patreon Champion Bears

    Fire everyone.

    Beaten by Gould...that kicker you cut.

    Virginia McCaskey sucks.
  4. dlinebass5 Franchise Player Bears

    I had a free day, for the first time in a while and probably the only time in December prior to the 25th. I didn't once think about watching Bears football. I checked in on the final score, as well as the forums here, just now. This team is awful. What's worse is that, if this offense was even remotely competent, they would've won. But instead, Gould gets poetic justice, and puts through 5 field goals, and wins the game.

    I mean, fuck. Your defense forces multiple turnovers and doesn't let the other team in the endzone (granted, they're an awful team), and the kicker you cut single-handedly beats you. I mean, in cooperation with Baggins and Fucks.

    This team absolutely sucks. I know there are plenty on the "Give Pace more time" bandwagon, but I just don't know why, other than through blind hope. He took a team that Emery and Juicestain completely fucked up and somehow made it worse. Whoo.
  5. acrazyfool Home Town Favorite Bears

    What a waste.
  6. Bear-man 11 Franchise Player Bears

    You know, at this point there isn’t any point in NOT firing Fox.

    Seriously, why keep him around?
  7. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    You know you've hit rock bottom when 49ers fans sitting near you are feeling bad for you.

    It happened.

    Not kidding, I honestly think if I decide to go to the Browns game on xmas eve, I will catch shit from Browns fans.
  8. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    btw, I have sun seats and was sitting there in with short sleeves, actually wishing I had worn shorts....

    So decided to stay in my seats for the half time show. They were announcing all the H.S. state champions at each level.

    While this was happening our punter was out trying field goals. honestly, have no idea why our new kicker wasn't out there, but he apparently is hurt again.

    For the record, mega-punt missed 5 in a row from the 25 yard line before hitting one. The crowd gave him a bronx cheer.

    Fucking joke franchise.
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  9. vvarder Franchise Player Bears

    Gould beating the Bears in poetic justice was such a complete fuckery it could only happen to the Browns, or Lions.....oh wait, no it's the Bears that have this title now. Pathetic on every level.

    I woke up late so I missed most of the first half, saw we were up 14-6 and thought, well, we can beat a terrible team. Only to learn the 49ers own incompetence is what had the game there, giving up a joke of a punt return. I saw we had no game thread. I saw the 49ers had DOMINATED the first half in TOP and Yards. So my expectations were well set for the 2nd half of ridiculousness. No more points scored. Hell first downs were few and far between. The D being soft but only giving up FGs and having some good plays.

    I watched the Seahawks game as "fan" of my adopted town's franchise. And man how satisfying to watch a team dismantle a team that was dancing and having a fucking ball a week ago. They hit hard, they even had a screencap of franchise LBs and what they meant to their team putting him in the same boat at Butkus and Singletary. Butkus and Singletary, THAT was the bar. And look at the shit we throw on the field. Papa Bear is spinning in his damn grave so fast we could use him to power the city.
  10. vvarder Franchise Player Bears

    Oh, and the Browns could be playing us with no wins. Anyone think that game doesn't go to the wire? I would be half tempted to bet against them at this point.
  11. patg006 Franchise Player Bears

    The choice, and I cannot stress this enough--death is NOT an option.

    Megaturd picking up kicking duties to close out this year or signing Barf back?
  12. blang84 Franchise Player Bears

    At 12-32 (.273 win %), John Fox now has the worst head-coaching record in Bears history. Passes Abe Gibron, who was 11-30-1 (.274) from 1972 to 1974.

    John Fox is the worst coach in Bears history. Worse than Abe Gibron. Worse than Juicebox. Let that sink in. That also means Pace is 12-32 in his three years since taking over Emery.

    The Bears have failed to gain 150 yards of offense in two straight weeks. Everyone is still employed. It's not about who on the staff can be a serviceable interim coach. It's about holding people accountable.

    The Giants just fired McAdoo and their GM midseason. George McCaskey was rumored to want to run his organization like the Giants. Instead he's running his organization like an aloof fool.
  13. Mackladder Home Town Favorite Bears

    I look at it this way the gap between the Niners pick and the Bears pick just go closer so maybe we can trade up again to going to get a guy that's a " must have " when he would have been in the pick slot anyways lol.
  14. blang84 Franchise Player Bears

    The Giants made the playoffs last year and cleaned house midseason. Pace/Fox are 12-32 with 3 last place finishes and are still here.
  15. patg006 Franchise Player Bears

    The whiplash of bungling the whole Eli Manning thing was unlike what I've seen here, even with juicebox. McAdoo left that media room a week ago (at least in my interpretation) and many thinking that Eli was done as a NYG. The NY Media, whatever left of it that didn't hate this guy--had a field day. Mara had to tell people he wasn't there when that decision went down as damage control.

    There's no secrets here. Fox is toast and he knows it. So why are we seeing the bears delay the inevitable? I heard a snippet on sports radio over the weekend that said the Giants, Bears, and Steelers are the three (now two) left in the modern era of the NFL that have never fired a coach mid-season.

    And even if the Giants get worse, their front office above the GM that got fired put out the kind of press release a team in that position would. They're hiring Ernie Accorsi (which to me is a sham, you need to overpay a consultant to give you GM options when there's more than enough information on candidates? Ryan Pace wasn't a nobody before the bears hired him, he turned down the Jets in 2015 and was interviewed by multiple other teams) and said they are strategically looking to improve/further evaluate the front office and coaching staff, including the time remaining in the season.

    Jesus Christ. That's a first. Oh--that's not the bears.....

    I don't need to beat a dead horse with the criticism this team and the coaching staff, and front office equally deserve. I'm also going to give them a sliver of a benefit of the doubt. While injuries do happen (and this point is absolutely moot), Fox probably didn't ever intend to get Bumarr and Chris Prosinski back, even as god damn starters. And if anybody listened to Fox today, he put it on Pace and the personnel he has to work with.

    But that doesn't mask how Frodo cant call plays at the NFL level, how Fangio got beat by an inexperienced QB that wasn't that good. He called a lot of press coverage and Garappollo decided that Bumarr and Prosinski were the guys he was going to pick on. And he did. And it worked. I think the defense that showed up against other opponents would have clobbered Jimmy. Leonard Floyd makes that much of a damn difference, and the lack of edge rushers is clearly glaring.

    Juicebox had better results than Fox--and he was the guy the bears fired because Virginia was pissed off. Remember that press conference? She was pissed off that the team quit, she was pissed off at everything and everybody went.

    I cant help but wonder is she pissed off now? Especially now that its worse, because we don't see it. Plenty of camera angles showing empty seats. A game against an opponent that someone who can make a competent game plan could have won handily. A game that SF game them chances to win. And the game plan? Barely let your rookie QB who desperately needs reps throw the ball, be predictable, stall, look stupid, and lose to the guy you replaced with Connor Barth.

    I don't need someone who's the polar opposite of Juicebox because Juicebox wasn't a disciplinarian the way Fox was marketed to be. Because that's what the bears needed a couple of years ago.

    I want a guy who understands the goddamn game. And it frustrates me because I see how Mike McCarthy gameplans, and he's competent--which is fucking foreign to this franchise. He knows what he has and plans it. Aaron Rodgers obviously helps. He formulates a game plan and sticks to it, and ultimately plays to fucking win--and you see it with his team, you see it with his pile of ass on defense, on offense, their special teams, and the slow quarterback from UCLA that isn't good enough to be at the NFL level, but you wouldn't know that because he spanked this sad team.

    The last 2 guys you've brought in showed/are still showing they don't get it, and McCarthy isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so you're going to have to beat him.

    Can Pace show me he can find that guy? I question that at this point.

    Again, why are we delaying the inevitable?
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  16. Neckbeard Starter Bears

    I haven’t posted in a long while, but I have to say the offensive play calling and scheme were so vastly different in the game. The bears were like HS plays while Shanahan had intelligent calls even with nobody’s for receivers.

    For every pass Jimmy threw, the WR had plenty of separation. For each pass Mitch threw, it had to be very accurate or it would be batted away. I still have faith in Mitch if he gets a good coordinator next year.

    As for Pace - he has had some solid picks. He needs more draft picks (no more trading up, trade down if anything for more picks) and he needs to think long and hard on this next HC selection. This will make or break the team for the next 5 years.

    I almost think coaching (at least offensively) is holding this team back more than talent at this point. If they have competant coaching I could see a competitive 8-8 for next year. They need to overhaul strength and conditioning as well. Too many injuries the past 3 years.

    That’s all I got.
  17. EvertonBears Franchise Player Bears

    Its now Tuesday morning and i'm still not reading about Fux and Pippin Took being fired. Meanwhile, the friggin Giants have just cleaned house! They were in the playoffs just a season ago, but one nosedive later and they damn near break the guillotine! That is called... ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

    Meanwhile these fuckstains are actually gonna let that POS HC and his POS OC play out the string. They're actually gonna do this. That is the level of respect these knaves have for its fanbase.

    God damn these McFuckskey's. Every last one. God damn them all to hell.
  18. vvarder Franchise Player Bears

    Thought I'd drop this here. The 49ers game officially puts us here:

    When you're eliminated with FOUR games to go? You suck. And we just lost to one of the other 4 teams eliminated. Fox has lost this team. And as you say Ev, he's still here.
  19. Mongo_76 M.V.P. Bears

    Let's be honest, we were mathematically eliminated last week. But we were actually eliminated before the season began.

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