Babyfan's 9th Annual Pickems Contest - Weekly Results and Year to Date

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  1. Tim Administrator Commissioner

    Week 1 Winners
    1st Place Winners:
    1. Packerzrule 13-2
    2nd Place Winners:
    1. blang84 11-4
    2. SPress 11-4
    3. steelersking 11-4

    3rd Place Winners:
    1. BearsWillWin 10-5
    2. Lyman 10-5
    3. Maurice 10-5
    4. SoCalSaint 10-5
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  2. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears


    Tim: 8-7
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  3. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    Are you ready for some football?

    Welcome back everyone to the 9th Annual NFL Pick' Em Contest!!

    This is a straight pick 'em with a few twists thrown in here and there for good measure. Everyone is welcome to play and of course to play with good sportsmanship and maturity. Trash talk is permitted, nay it is celebrated, but let's keep it impersonal. Thanks :)

    As a member of the Contest you will be expected to make your picks on time every week. You have the opportunity to change your picks right up until 1 hour before kick off but make sure that you let me know on the thread so that I can go back to your original pick post to make the adjustments. We are picking Thursday nights this season but if you miss making that pick you're still able to make the rest of your picks. If you are going to be out of town for 1-2 weeks let me know and I'll carry your total over until your return.

    If you forget to make your picks you will be automatically accorded all Away Teams for your picks for that week. This will keep you competitive and in the contest. You can go for 2 weeks without making your picks but after that your score will be zero.

    As you sign up to play give me the names of 2 teams who you think will make it to SB 2017. At Week 12 you will be given the opportunity to trade in 10 points from your YTD to edit your SB picks. You can pick teams from whichever division you choose. All winning SB picks will be accorded an extra 50 points onto their YTD score. This could keep a few of us on our toes!

    I will post the weekly schedule by Tuesday evening every week. I ask that you all copy and paste the schedule into your text box in order to keep all the games concurrent (it makes putting the picks in a lot easier for me). If you want to keep track of your own YTD just keep it updated at the top of your pick post.

    Above all I hope that everyone has fun in the contest. Don't hesitate to drop in here on a daily basis to see whatever smack talk has occurred. :)

    If you have any concerns, suggestions or questions please let me know either here on the thread or in pm.

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  4. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    I think I fixed it. Maybe ... someone post so I know please!
  5. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

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  6. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

    Baby, I would like to make my picks already so I can get into socal' s head. Is it possible you could post the schedule yet?
  7. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    Thanks Gidion :)

    Lemme go see what I can conjure up ...
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  8. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

  9. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Eagles

    I locked the old thread.
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  10. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    Babyfan’s 9th Annual NFL Pick’ Em Contest Schedule

    SB Pick:

    Week 1

    Thursday Sept. 7th

    Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots

    Sunday, Sept. 10th

    New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

    Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins

    Oakland Raiders vs Tennessee Titans

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans

    Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions

    Atlanta Falcons s Chicago Bears

    Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

    Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

    Indianapolis Colts vs LA Rams

    Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

    Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers

    New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

    Monday, Sept. 11th

    New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings

    Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos

    Good luck everyone!!
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  11. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    FYI-BABYFAn the link you posted to send us here didn't work. It said Oops wrong site. ?? I don't know what happened. I'm on here now for more losing and seeing Socal triumphant again! I think it's time I slipped him a mickey in his drink! lol
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  12. Lyman "Franchise Curmudgeon" Patreon Champion Indians Browns Buckeyes

    I'm relunctantly in.

    Question: When you post the upcoming week's games, are the home teams ALWAYS shown 2nd in that game's row?
  13. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    It's fixed now Cat. I forgot to add the 's' to the HTTP address.
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  14. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    I use's format.
  15. SoCalSaint Franchise Player Saints

    ANNOUNCER 1: A huge crowd has gathered here today to witness what we've all been waiting for.

    ANNOUNCER 2: That's right. It's sign up day for Baby's 9th Annual Pick'Em Contest. It's finally here !!!!

    ANNOUNCER 1: Lets watch.......

    Everyone is packed into the media center to witness history. Oh the excitement !! A hush falls over the room.

    ANNOUNCER 1: Wait. There's someone in the hall. Who could it be ??

    The door bursts open...

    ANNOUNCER 2: It's our returning 2 time champion SoCalSaint !!!!!!

    The crowd goes wild as SoCal enters the room.

    ANNOUNCER 1: He doesn't look happy, does he ??

    ANNOUNCER 2: No. He doesn't.

    SoCal flashes a scowell at the competition..


    ANNOUNCER 1: And what's he carrying in his hands ??

    ANNOUNCER 2: Never mind that, what's he wearing ????

    ANNOUNCER 1: OMG !! It,,,,,,,,,,, It looks,,,,,,,,,,, It looks like,,,,,, he's wearing a skimpy halter top,,,,, with,,,,,with,,,,, with yoga pants ??? And a pair thigh high black leather boots !!!!!

    ANNOUNCER 2: Dennis Rodman move over !!!!!!!!

    SoCal sets his stuff on the table and sits down. The crowd falls silent.

    SoCal: During this last off season my competition, rather that do their homework, have engaged in a massive conspiresy against me. (the crowd is shocked) This includes threats, intimidation, and, YES,,, RULE CHANGES !!! It goes all the way to the top. But if they think that they can scare me off, their wrong !!!!! I'm in this thing all the way to the bitter end,,,,,,,,,,,, THEIR BITTER END, NOT MINE !!!!!!

    Again, the crowd goes wild !!!

    SOCAL: Any questions ????

    ANNOUNCER 1: SoCal, SoCal. What are those things on the table in front of you ??

    SoCal pushes them to the edge if the table. The cameras zoom in for a better look. The crowd, watching on the monitors go Ooooooooooooo !!

    ANNOUNCER 2: They look to be rather well endowed female forms,,,,,,,, Also wearing a skimpy halter tops, yoga pants and thigh high black leather boots.

    SOCAL: The powers that be here at the Pick'Em game have refused to award trophies to their past winners, so I had these made. Pretty nice, huh ?????

    ANNOUNCER 1: Nice. But what do you call them ??

    SOCAL: Well, in the NFL, they play for the Lombardi Trophy........ I call these my Lom-BABY TROPHIES !!!!!!!!!!

    Again. The crowd goes Oooooooooo !!

    SoCal gets up to leave.

    ANNOUNCER 2: SoCal, SoCal. Any words for the other players this year ???

  16. gidion72 M.V.P. Steelers

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  17. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    SoCal that is outstanding!!
  18. Catfish Hall-of-Fame Patreon Gold Fighting Irish Flyers Eagles

    SoCal's attire is frightening !
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  19. babyfan Legend Staff Member Patreon Platinum Official Bears

    Well I dunno Cat, it's pretty much exactly what I wear everyday. Minus the boots of course ... yoga is strictly a bare feet type of discipline :)
  20. SoCalSaint Franchise Player Saints

    It was a formal occasion. Gotta dress the part.
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