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  1. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Yep, he's done for the season. :wall:
  2. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    Now Murray gets in and now He's hurt..it's the Vikings way wait till next year don't Chris and Tricky Ricky sound a like,no qb to speak of the run game? the Vikings might in Big time trouble here
  3. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    They are in deep, Badd Man. It looks rather bleak. Whats the deal with Latavius Murray? I didn't know he was hurt too.
  4. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    Sorry I did not mean he was hurt..with the Vikings luck he might get hurt is there something going on with turf at US BANK STADIUM kinda seems like it
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  5. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    I noticed a lot of slipping too. Might be an issue. That or they need different cleats.
  6. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Vikings confirm Dalvin Cook has torn ACL
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  7. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    it's the Vikings way the injury bug and chaos it goes hand in hand,I think they got do something about that turf...cause the turf Monster is running wild at the US BANK STADIUM
  8. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    The Vikings have lost their rookie running back, and now they’ve added a veteran backup.

    Stevan Ridley is signing with the Vikings today, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

    The 28-year-old Ridley was cut by the Broncos after the preseason. Last year he played in just one regular-season game, with the Falcons, and had three carries for seven yards. He also spent time with the Colts and Lions last year but never got into a game with them.

    Ridley’s best season came in 2012, when he had 290 carries for 1,263 yards and 12 touchdowns for the Patriots. But he hasn’t been the same player since 2014, when he suffered a season-ending knee injury.

    Cook was off to an outstanding start this season, with 74 carries for 354 yards before he got hurt on Sunday. No player can replace all of Cook’s production, but the Vikings hope Ridley can help.
  9. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    I thought Steven Ridley was done Didn't know he was in the NFL,seems like a desperate move and they couldn't find nobody better oh well...just have to wait and see what he brings to the table
  10. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    He was a FA. In 2012 he was a 1000+ yard runner, but didn't see much action after that. He adds depth.
  11. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    Ok I can understand the depth part,if Murray gets hurt ( really hope not!!!!! ) I was just wondering what he brings to the table GO VIKINGS
  12. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    I don't know, lol. Maybe with a good o-line, he can do something. Hopefully this works out.
  13. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said earlier this week that quarterback Sam Bradford‘s knee is feeling better, but that the team still didn’t know when he might return to action.

    That question may not be answered for a little while, but Zimmer did have some encouraging news to share about Bradford when he met with the media on Thursday. Zimmer said that he expects Bradford will participate in practice with the team.

    Bradford didn’t practice at all last week and last took part in a practice on a limited basis on the Thursday before the team’s Week Three game against the Buccaneers. Bradford went to see Dr. James Andrews the next day for confirmation that he’s dealing with a bone bruise.

    The Vikings have gone 1-2 with Bradford out of the lineup and are getting ready to face the Bears on Monday night.
  14. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    Geez it just don't stop this is a damn NIGHTMARE it's every year it's something, these div. games are so important they can be a factor in making the playoffs GO VIKINGS
  15. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Vikings Activate WR Michael Floyd, Release RB Stevan Ridley
  16. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    That was quick never got a chance to see what he brings to the table
  17. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Sam Bradford started the game at quarterback for the Vikings but was unable to physically play the position at an adequate level due to the bone bruise that had forced him to miss the prior three games. Bradford was replaced by Case Keenum shortly before halftime as Bradford completed just 5 of 11 passes for 36 yards.

    Bradford was sacked for a safety to give the Bears an early 2-0 lead. Forbath would convert a 26-yard field goal to give the Vikings a 3-2 halftime lead.

    Keenum would connect with Zach Rudolph for a 13-yard touchdown to Minnesota’s first drive of the second half to take a 10-2 lead. The Bears would answer when a fake punt resulted in punter Pat O'Donnell completing a 38-yard touchdown pass to Benny Cunningham to close the deficit to 10-9.

    Jerrick McKinnon broke free for a 58-yard touchdown amid a swath of injuries at linebacker for the Bears to re-take the lead with 3:31 left in the third quarter. McKinnon finished the game with 95 yards on 16 carries for the Vikings.

    The Bears rallied to tie the game as Trubisky led the Bears on a 79-yard drive that culminated with a 20-yard touchdown pass to Miller. Chicago converted the two-point conversion on a nifty play that saw Trubisky hand off to Jordan Howard, who handed the ball to Miller, who then pitched the ball back to Trubisky for the score.

    Keenum completed 17 of 21 passes for 140 yards and a touchdown in his half of work at quarterback for Minnesota.
  18. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    News Flash the Saints have traded AP to the Cardinals,looks like this becoming a joke this is REALLY SAD he should have retired as a Vikings,and help the young guys to become pro football players
  19. Will Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Official Vikings Redwings

    Sam Bradford again out at Vikings practice

    Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford missed practice again today, indicating that his knee injury will cause him to miss yet another game.

    Although the Vikings haven’t said whether Bradford will play on Sunday against the Packers, it’s hard to believe he would play after missing the first two practices of this week.

    Bradford started and played very well in Week One, but he suffered a knee injury that caused him to miss the next three games. He then returned for Week Five but couldn’t finish the game against the Bears as his knee continued to bother him.

    The Vikings will presumably go with Case Keenum, who started the three games Bradford missed and relieved Bradford on Monday night, again on Sunday. Keenum has played fairly well this season, with four touchdown passes and no interceptions.
  20. Badd_Man1 Franchise Player Vikings

    Sam Bradford i think is toast cause he can't be counted on,Case Keemun looks like sink or swim time and for Teddy to prove you still got it or is time to go with the young guy Kyle Sloter or get a qb in the draft?
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