2018 Safety Class

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Tim, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    1. Derwin James - Florida State
    2. Minkah Fitzpatrick - Alabama
    3. Ronnie Harrison - Alabama
    4. Trey Marshall - Florida State
    5. Justin Reid - Stanford
    6. Marcus Allen - Penn State
    7. Dominick Sanders - Georgia
    8. Quin Blanding -Virginia
    9. Jordan Whitehead - Pittsburgh
    10. Javon Hagan - Ohio
    11. Tyree Robinson - Oregon
    12. Donnie Miles - North Carolina
    13. Evan Berry - Tennessee
    14. Damon Webb - Ohio State
    15. Armani Watts -Texas A&M
    16. Godwin Igwebulke - Northwestern
    17. Van Smith - Clemson
    18. Jamar Summers - Connecticut
    19. Chris Hawkins - USC
    20. Cole Reyes - North Dakota
    21. Steven Parker - Oklahoma
    22. Drue Tranquill - Notre Dame
    23. Nick Washington - Florida
    24. Kyzir White - Virginia

    Updated on 1/13/18 at 8:20am
    1. Minkah Fitzpatrick - Alabama
    2. Justin Reid - Stanford
    3. Marcus Allen - Penn State
    4. Derwin James - Florida State
    5. Ronnie Harrison - Alabama
    6. Damon Webb - Ohio State
    7. Evan Berry - Tennessee
    8. Trey Marshall - Florida State
    9. Armani Watts -Texas A&M
    10. Kyzir White - West Virginia
    11. Quin Blanding -Virginia
    12. Nick Washington - Florida
    13. Dominick Sanders - Georgia
    14. Jordan Whitehead - Pittsburgh
    15. Tyree Robinson - Oregon
    16. Donnie Miles - North Carolina
    17. Chris Hawkins - USC
    18. Cole Reyes - North Dakota
    19. Godwin Igwebulke - Northwestern
    20. Van Smith - Clemson
    21. Jamar Summers - Connecticut
    22. Steven Parker - Oklahoma
    23. Drue Tranquill - Notre Dame
  2. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Two quick takeaways on this -

    First, I would like to see 10 additional pounds put on Harrison and list him with the ILBs.

    Second, Armani Watts did not score nearly as well as I thought he might for the initial round.
  3. dlinebass5 Franchise Player Bears

    I hate FSU, but their secondary plays ball. I watched the Miami/FSU game over the bar at a hockey arena, so I wasn't watching as intently as possible, but I saw those safeties almost make some scary plays. "Range" is the best descriptor.
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  4. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    The bold is dead on. Derwin gets most of the pub, but Trey should be getting a lot more mentions.

    I think Donnie Miles may end up being a player to watch going into the off-season. If he tests well his stock is probably going to be extremely upward mobile.
  5. LAOJoe Hall-of-Fame Staff Member Head Official Maple Leafs Manager Eagles

    #1 thing for safety class: don't leave a loaded gun with the safety off in your pants.
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  6. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    FSU's Derwin James just declared himself NFL eligible and will NOT play in the upcoming bowl game.
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  7. IrishDawg42 M.V.P. Browns Buckeyes Fighting Irish Manager

    One of the few instances I don't blame a kid for not playing...The team has quit, the coach is gone, they really should have eloquently ducked out of bowl consideration all together. Since they didn't, let the new coach get to know "his players" for the future. James has nothing else to prove and his team is done...
  8. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    I agree 100%. If I was in that situation, no way would I play a meaningless bowl game and risk a potential injury of any sort. Not with an NFL career in clear view.
  9. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Kentucky S Mike Edwards is going back to school. Passes on Draft 2018.
  10. firehalo Legend Penguins Steelers

    Eric Reid's younger brother, Justin (Stanford Cardinal Safety), has declared NFL Draft eligible.
  11. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Added -
    Kyzir White

    Removed -
    Javon Hagan
  12. Tim Administrator Manager Commissioner

    Couple of interesting changes...

    Derwin moved down two spots to #4. The scores for Reid, Allen and James are all close so when the third round of scoring wraps up and some of the scores get put against the combine it could easily shift back. What grabbed my attention some was the idea that James had been considered by many to be a clear #1 for a bit, then the definite #2. If his combine numbers are anything less than what are being anticipated, will James see a day one slide? I think it's definitely possible and probably more so than a lot of people would think.

    Evan Berry and Trey Marshall being at 7 and 8 sparks my interest a bit. They both have range and athleticism with Berry being a touch ahead of Marshall, but they both have dealt with injuries making their developmental arc incomplete. It's a pairing of players that will probably slide some but if they can remain healthy they could represent real steals.

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