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    Height and weight have to be scaled against body type/lean or there's no context. Barry Sanders was under 5'8" but he weighed around 220 for most of his career, which was ideal for his type of build. You can compare that to a Marshall Faulk type that weighed in at 210 with a height of 5'11", put that against his body type/lean and playing style to give some perspective.

    Penny becoming Jacquizz is a fear that I think you can put to rest quickly. I don't see much similar in their build or playing style.

    Penny's frame sits well with his height/weight and playing style. It lends towards him being able to become a threat in any phase of the game at the pro level.
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    Its interesting you brought up the EXACT 2 NFL players I was thinking about as a direct comparison. I knew Barry was under 5/10, and Penny looks like Marshall Faulk (SDSU too) in a lot of ways.
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    Oregon State's RB Ryan Nall has declared eligible for the NFL draft.
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    I would certainly say that Michel looked like the better back in the playoffs. As for their career body of work, I can't say for sure...but the last week of the season, he looked the part of feature back moreso than Chubb.

    (edit) it's also both interesting and impressive that you were writing this back on October 12th!
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    I think Michel is definitely the more dynamic and creative runner. His showing against Alabama goes a long way towards making the argument that his game will translate well to the next level.

    I think Nick Chubbs best comp might be Frank Gore, but like Frank his career may be defined by consistency and longevity.

    Michel's game transfers better to multiple situations while I believe Nick's will be slightly more scheme dependent.
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    Added today -
    Jaylen Samuels - N.C.State
    Ito Smith - Southern Miss
    Nyheim Hines - N.C. State
    John Kelly - Tennessee
    Darrell Williams - L.S.U.

    Removed today -
    L.J. Scott - Michigan State
    Mike Weber - Ohio State

    I have a couple more players on my list that I haven't finished getting scores in for the first two rounds that I will be adding in the near future.

    The top end of this list will likely stay the same while the middle and the bottom will most likely shift some after the combine. There are times where big shake-ups happen near the top but that's usually the exception to the rule.

    Some point differentials (top 15)
    1. Saquon Barkley - Penn State
    2. Derrius Guice - LSU - 17
    3. Rashaad Penny - San Diego State - 31
    4. Kalen Ballage - Arizona St. - 37
    5. Chase Edmonds - Fordham - 39
    6. Sony Michel - Georgia - 48
    7. Ronald Jones II - U.S.C. - 52
    8. Nick Chubb - Georgia - 57
    9. Kerryon Johnson - Auburn - 61
    10. Josh Adams - Notre Dame - 77
    11. Mark Walton - Miami - 84
    12. Damien Harris - Alabama - 86
    13. Jaylen Samuels - N.C.State - 98
    14. James Butler - Iowa - 107
    15. Royce Freeman - Oregon - 124
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