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    I like to look at his work vs the best defense he faced....playing vs Baylor, TT, etc where man to man Okla is just better....like I said before the game....Watson played 2 of the best games of his career vs Bama in his most important and biggest games
  2. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Yes I understand his stats and I also heard Kirby Smart at halftime say they played awful defense and needed to make adjustments and follow the game plan....they made adjustments and Baker didnt have an answer....he also couldnt find the end zone from the 25 yd line on 2 occassions
  3. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Against Ohio State:

    77.1% comp., 386 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT, 198.1 QB rating

    Mayfield's 2017 average: 70.5% comp., 3.1 TDpG, 0.4 INTpG, 330.k YPG, 198.9 QB rating
  4. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    But please, continue to tell me that because he's 6'0", Bae-ker should be the third or fourth QB taken this year and why those guys never work out.
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  5. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Nah Georgia has more speed on defense
  6. SAS Franchise Player Browns


    65.7% comp., 287 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 147.7 QB rating... is a bad thing?

    Please name one quality opponent that Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold faced and then show me their stats against them.
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  7. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Watch the game and not stats....he was throwing dump offs to #5 and he was gaining huge yds and they ran bout 6-8 jet sweeps where they count as comp....again watch the game not the stat line
  8. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    I'll go first.

    Josh Rosen's best competition was Washington, #5 overall and #32 in passing. Here's his stat line:

    12 of 21 (57.1%), 93 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 110.1 rating and he suffered a concussion against non-NFL-type pass rushers

    His backup (Devon Modster) went 7 of 12 (58.3%), 77 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, and a 139.7 QB rating as the Bruins got destroyed 44-23. But boy, did he look good playing Hawaii who's one of the five-worst defenses in the NCAA.

    Sam Darnold didn't get to play Washington, so his best competition was Ohio State (#15 overall and #30 in passing). With a better all-around team, Darnold went:

    26 of 45 (57.8%), 356 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 4 fumbles, and a 119.8 QB rating

    Georgia finished #6 overall and #8 in passing. Mayfield also played Ohio State at Ohio State and ruined them. TCU finished #70 against passing and if you take out Mayfield's destruction of them, they would have finished #50. (Can you even fathom how badly you have to destroy a team to knock their defensive ranking down 20 spots?!)

    But please, go ahead... show me where those guys had great games against great teams. I'll wait.
  9. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    You mean he was executing the game plan that his coaches installed and called for him and he was doing so an an insanely effective rate right up until Lincoln Riley pooped himself and went into full defense mode?
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  10. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Ya how many did they score again after they shut down the RB?
  11. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    17 points.

    Maybe you should practice what you preach and perhaps watch a little bit of film. Oklahoma led 31-17 at halftime and their defense allowed 37 second-half (+overtime) points.

    Please... explain to me how that's Baker's fault. But first...

  12. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Quick 3 n outs and a Int
  13. SAS Franchise Player Browns

  14. SAS Franchise Player Browns


    Also... please hit me with your Top 5 QBs this class. If "quality opponents" are a requisite, I better see zero small school prospects, including Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. If you're discrediting the Big 12, as you constantly seem to be - although they had a tougher overall SOS than the PAC-12, please no Mason Rudolph, either.
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  15. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    Oklahoma: 2nd
    Oklahoma St.: 12th
    USC: 15th
    Lousiville: 25th
    UCLA: 31st
    Wyoming: 84th

    Please... no more talk of the Big 12 being a defenseless or soft conference. #KillingTheNarrative

    Conferences' SOS:
    1 - Big 10 (and it's not close)
    2 - ACC
    3 - SEC
    4 - Big 12
    5 - Pac 12

    SEC technically is tougher than the ACC, but their non-conference is always FCS schools so overall, they're softer overall.
  16. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    My top 2 are Rosen and Darnold...after that its a big drop off and no Lamar Jackson isnt getting drafted by me as a QB
  17. SAS Franchise Player Browns

    1. Josh Rosen
    2. Sam Darnold

    ... still waiting.
  18. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Crap shoot from there...their all grouped together...Mayfield, Allen, Rudolph, Falk, etc
  19. showstopper Franchise Player Browns

    Who played in the Natl championship again?
  20. SAS Franchise Player Browns


    All right... let's try this a different way.

    Without mentioning:
    • Height
    • "Looks like a QB"
    • Stature
    Please give 4-5 reasons why Sam Darnold is (1) one of the best QBs for you, and (2) why he's better than Mayfield.

    Follow-up: please give 4-5 reasons why Josh Rosen is (1) one of the best QBs for you, and (2) why he's better than Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield.

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