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Discussion in 'Television' started by Catfish, Jan 8, 2018.

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    I run a huge fantasy football NFL Playoff pool and was doing the scoring and leaderboard last night and missed the Golden Globes. Normally I wouldn't miss the show, but because everything is now a protest, bitch-fest, complaint, raise awareness, call people out and every other bullshit thing, I refuse to watch it.

    Last year it was more black nominees. Last year it was bashing Trump. Now it's equal pay. Some people cried about sexual predators. Some people called out James Franco for being a predator on Twitter and in person. Babs Streisand bitched about more woman directors since 2 were snubbed. Jessica Chastain joked about men giving their salaries to gay men for roles. And Natalie Portman cried about a category for Best Director with only men in it.

    WHEN WILL THIS STOP? The show is about TV and movie awards. It's not about grandstanding and soapbox rebel raising over issues. I as a white guy am furious that everyone else gets something to protest but me. More diversity? I want my diversity. The BET Awards, which is an all-black awards show. I want my all-white award show without protest and bitching. I said this before, a show called "Black-ish" is as bad as a show called "Whitey!" Equal pay? Get a better agent. Do a better acting job and stop making shitty movies that dilute the movie pool and your acting credibility. More female directors and female nominees - make better movies. Now everyone in Hollywood wants something for nothing. You want this or that - show me a better movie and you will be nominated. Nope it's not fair, so lets change the rules to make sure blacks get more nominees. Why isn't a white actor pissed now because he may lose out on a deserving nomination.

    Hell the Oscar voters CHANGED their voting process to have more black nominees. To any white person, this is an outraged. What ever happened to accepting the rules as they are? Now everyone is oppressed. Now everyone is slighted. Now everyone wants more of the pie and will bitch until they get it. Race, creed, color, pay, straight or gay, rape, predators, Trump-Clinton, male or female, awareness, buttons, signs, knees during anthems, raising a fist, Oprah, Portman, Colin Kaepernik we salute you, etc. You - all wrong. It's like the trophy participation. Little Johnny wasn't MVP when he batted .064 so lets sue the Little League until he's MVP and an All-Star. This is the same thing. We don't like the rules or outcomes, so lets bitch about them until we do etc. Why even have an awards show - give everyone a Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony, SAG, Bafta and Oscar. Nope it's not fair and "time's up" on the bad people in the world. Yeah right Oprah. Go look in the mirror and tell me what you really see? This is what our society has become.

    And it won't get any better. For the SAG awards, only woman are presenters this year. Why? As a male actor, I would be pissed. How many more things do woman want? Equal pay, rights, directorial movies, more nominations etc. Anything else we're forgetting for awards season 2019? Who else is oppressed out there? Anyone else? Total joke.

    I expect a world of backlash from a few people on here and I don't give a shit. This has become a fucking farce and liberal world we live in where if you feel slighted - bitch and moan and you will get it. Yeah, that's the American way alright. If I went to my boss the way these actors bitch about stuff, I'd be shown the front door ! Equal pay and rights - I'm lucky I have a freaking job. I can't bitch about rights and benefits, because that's not how the real working world works! Hollywood is just that. A town of riches, glamour and make believe. They act in it and believe in it. I'm glad I'm a realist.
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    I wouldn't exactly call Natalie Portman correctly noting the irony of all the director nominees being men on the heels of Oprah's speech as "crying" about it.
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    she's taking a shot at the category being all men as in "where are all the female nominees at?" hey change the voting rules, so now no men gets nominated anymore.

    Hell Babs Streisand did the same damn thing. She is crying about the lack of female directors. Less than 5 yrs ago the Globes, Emmys, Oscars, Bafta's, SAG and Tony awards were about the damn awards. Not who was President, or how many nominees were white or black or how much money they all got or not getting. This year and last year - they made the show their own soapbox platform to cry and bitch about any damn thing that wasn't a Golden Globe Award. Everyone feels slighted. It's not fair. Men suck and women should rule the fucking planet. Robin Wright can carry House of Cards. Who needs Kevin Spacey? Trump sucks. I want 8 more years of Obama. I want the money. No, I want more money than anyone else. He grabbed my ass 30 yrs ago and I want to sue his ass now. He stalked me. He called me a "bitch." I want my lawyer. I want my rights.
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    All the award shows are going off the deep end. My wife and myself used to enjoy watching that stuff, now it's disgusting listening to the shit that spews out of their mouths.
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    I hope the Oscars are a little different but with Francis McDormand probably winning and spouting off as she has done the last 2 months I doubt it. It's going to be a shit show. I expect crap from the GG and even the SAG awards. The Oscars were always different. Sadly they have caved in to the pressures of the masses and today's hot topics and flavors of the week.
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